Slovak Media Company Film Europe Opens International Offices


    BRATISLAVA: Film Europe (www.filmeurope.eu), the Slovak-based media company with established distribution and sales divisions, has embarked on a major expansion that includes the recent opening of a London office and plans to open a Cannes office in early 2011, along with new TV and publication activities.

    The London office, located in Hammersmith, opened in late October, Film Europe's Silvia Hroncova told FNE. The company already has offices located in Bratislava, Prague, and Budapest.

    In spring 2011, Film Europe TV (formerly known at Europa Cinema) will begin broadcasting in the Slovak and Czech Republics. The company is positioning it as the "first Pan-European pay TV channel offering European films from every country in Europe." Film Europe also offers a group of regional niche channels in the Czech and Slovak markets featuring classic Czechoslovak production: Kino CS, Muzika CS, and Doku CS. Doku CS is the first documentary channel originating in CEE, using the vast archives of Prague's prestigious Kratky Film company.

    On the cinema front, Film Europe has partnered with Palace Cinemas with Film Europe Tuesday Night, devoted to premieres or special screenings of European films.

    The company has also expanded its film production involvement, with CS Production which supported the Czech children's film Saxana.

    Three newer additions include the Film Europe Awards, which recognize Slovak, Czech, Hungarian and Polish contributions on an international scale; Film Europe Publishing which will focus on books on the arts; and a scholarship/internship program sponsored by the company.