Slovak TV Joj to launch new theme channel


    Slovak private station TV Joj is planning to launch a new broadcasting channel named Joj Plus. Tatiana Tóthová, the TV Joj spokeswoman, told FNE, "It will start in the beginning of autumn."

    The channel will concentrate on films and serials but not soap operas. "We want to focus this thematic channel on dramas," Tothova said. She also mentioned that TV Joj does not wish "to draw from its own viewers" but rather to use Joj Plus to attract viewers from other Slovak TV channels, meaning private channel Markiza and public broadcaster Slovak TV.

    Currently Joj broadcasts serials and films in its regular programming schedule. Explaining what the difference will be between TV Joj and Joj Plus, Tothova said, "Joj broadcasts action and crime serials, Joj Plus will lean toward slower paced serials and films, so that Joj Plus will have wider appeal."

    Joj Plus will use the technical and personal facilities of TV Joj, so that the costs should not be as high as establishing a brand new television channel. However, the financial details of the investment have not been revealed.

    "We still do not talk about our investments, but it will be a few million," said Tothova.

    Following the TV Joj announcement, the second private TV station, Markiza, announced it will launch a thematic channel as well, with the start planned to happen within three years.