Muzika breaks Slovak records


    The new Slovak film Muzika directed by Juraj Nvota, which premiered April 17 and then won nine Slovak film awards, now can boast a record number of admissions. The Film Distributors Union (www.ufd.cz) reports that during its first four days 4,261 viewers saw Muzika - the highest attendance since the turn of the century.

    "In the first week (April 17-23) Muzika reached 7,036 visitors," Jana Studená of the film distribution company Continental Film s.r.o. (www.continental-film.sk) said in an email exchange with FNE.

    Such high attendance numbers are rare for Slovak films. The only comparable box-office draw is Vlado Fischer's 2007 film Disintegration from, which attracted 3,836 viewers in the first four days of screening.

    The other full-length feature films from last year achieved the following attendance figures in the first week: Return of the Storks (directed by Martin Repka) 1,812, Interview with the Enemy (directed by Patrik Lančarič) 585, Demons (directed by Róbert Šveda) 233.

    The latest statistics, from 2006, show Slovakia is low on Europe's cinema attendance list, with 0.63 cinema visits per Slovak inhabitant that year.

    Muzika was delivered to Slovak cinemas in seven copies; two of them are in Bratislava´s cinemas.