FESTIVALS: Record Number of Domestic Films Submitted for Portoroz FF

    Siska Deluxe by Jan Cvitkovic Siska Deluxe by Jan Cvitkovic photo: Perfo Production

    PORTOROZ: A total of 97 out of 146 submitted films have been selected for the 18th Slovenian Film Festival. This is a record number for the festival that will run from 15 to 20 September 2015.

    Sixteen feature films, 11 mid-length and 70 short films will be screened in the different venues at Avditorij Portoroz, 63 titles in competition and 34 out of competition. Seven feature films and one documentary have been selected for the main competition. Six feature-length international coproductions, eight short and mid-length documentaries and 11 student films will screen in the main programme, also in the competition.

    The Panorama section includes 30 titles while the Slovenian Animated Shorts section counts more than 10 titles. The recipient of the Metod Badjura Award 2015 is film producer Dunja Klemenc, who coproduced No Man's Land (Studio maj) by Danis Tanović and Tea by A.W. Slak.

    Four of the feature films in the main competition will be released right after the festival. The love story Juliet and Alfa Romeo will be released by Fivia on 17 September 2015, the first Slovenian classical horror film Idyll will be released by Karantanija cinemas on 1 October 2015, The Beat of Love will follow on 15 October 2015, distributed by Continental Film, while Siska Deluxe will be distributed by Fivia starting 29 October 2015.

    Feature Films Competition:

    Siska Deluxe / Šiška De Luxe (Slovenia, Czech Republic, Macedonia)
    Directed by Jan Cvitkovič
    Produced by Perfo Production
    Coproduced by Evolution Films and Kino Oko
    Supported by Slovenian Film CenterCzech Film Fund , Macedonian Film Agency

    Girls Don't Cry / Dekleta ne jočejo
    Directed by Matevž Luzar
    Produced by RTV Slovenija

    Idyll / Idila
    Directed by Tomaž Gorkič
    Produced by Blade production
    Coproduced by Strup Produkcija
    Supported by Slovenian Film Center

    Case: Osterberg / Psi brezčasja
    Directed by Matej Nahtigal

    Production Company: Lignit Film
    Coproduced by MC Velenje, Studio Viba Film, TV Slovenija

    The Beat of Love / Utrip ljubezni
    Directed by Boris Petković
    Produced by Gustav Film
    Coproduced by RTV Slovenia, MB Grip, Studio Rhytm, Pact Media

    Things I Wanted To Do With You / Stvari, ki sem jih hotel početi s tabo
    Directed by Miha Knific
    Produced by TV Slovenija

    Juliet and Alfa Romeo / Julija in Alfa Romeo
    Directed by Blaž Završnik
    Produced by Perfo Production
    Coproduced by TV Slovenija

    Long Documentaries:

    Home / Dom
    Directed by Metod Pevec
    Produced by Vertigo
    Supported by Slovenian Film Center

    Partisan Priest / Križ in kladivo
    Directed by Bojan Labovič
    Produced by Studio Legen


    You Carry Me (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro)
    Directed by Ivona Juka
    Produced by Vertigo
    Coproduced by 4 Film, Sloan Film Production
    Supported by Croatian Audiovisual Center, Eurimages, Slovenian Film Center, Serbian Ministry of Culture, Croatian Radio and Television - HRT, FS Viba Film

    The High Sun (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia)
    Directed by Dalibor Matanić
    Produced by Kinorama
    Coproduction Gustav Film in association with SEE Film Pro from Serbia Project
    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center and the MEDIA Programme, the Slovenian Film Center and Viba Film Ljubljana

    The Reaper / Kosac (Croatia, Slovenia)
    Directed by Zvonimir Jurić
    Produced by Kinorama
    Coproduced by Forum Ljubljana
    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center, Eurimages

    Impressions of the Drowned Man / Spomini utopljenca (Cyprus, Slovenia)
    Directed by Kyros Papavassiliou

    Produced by DryTree Films
    Coproduced by Restart Production, Filmblades
    Supported by Slovenian Film Center, Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, Southeastern European Cinema Network

    Our Everyday Life / Naša svakodnevna priča (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia)
    Directed by Ines Tanović
    Produced by Dokument Sarajevo
    Coproduced by Spiritus Movens , Studio Maj

    Supported by Sarajevo Cinematographic Foundation, Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo, Slovenian Film Centre, Croatian Audiovisual Center, Eurimages and Viba Film Ljubljana

    We Will Be the World Champions / Postali bomo prvaki sveta (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia)
    Directed by Darko Bajić
    Produced by Intermedia Network
    Coproduced by Kinorama, Perfo Production
    Supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center