FNE at Slovenian Film Festival in Portoroz: Partisan Priest

Partisan Priest Partisan Priest

PORTOROZ: Bojan Labovic's documentary Partisan Priest will be screened in the official programme out of the competition at the Slovenian Film Festival in Portoroz. The 18th edition of the festival takes place from 15 to 20 September 2015.  

The film tells the story of Joze Lampret, a controversial personality of Slovenian pre- and post-war history. He was a priest who joined the partisans in the WWII and was excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

“I see him as a strong political figure. He was a priest and a partisan but above all he was a relentless freedom fighter who firmly stood for his religious and political beliefs and had never stopped fighting for equality among people,” said Bojan Labovic.

The film is a Slovenian coproduction of Studio Legen in coproduction with TV Slovenija. The total budget was 108,000 EUR, producer Djordje Legen told FNE. The project was supported by the Slovenian FilmCenter with 45,000 EUR and co-financed by the Municipality of Maribor.

The cinema and television premiere will be in autumn 2015 following the premiere at the Slovenian Film Festival in Portoroz.

Production Information:

Studio Legen
Pobreška cesta 20
2000 Maribor
SI – Slovenia
Phone: +386 2 613 54 44
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RTV Slovenija
Drama department
Kolodvorska 2
1550 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 475 31 79
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Director & Screenwriter: Bojan Labovič
Director of Photography: Jure Černec
Editor: Uja Irgolič
Music: Branko Rožman
Cast (voices): Jure Ivanušič, Milada Kalezić, Vlado Novak, Ivo Ban, Peter Ternovšek,
Davor Herga, Vladimir Vlaškalič, Miloš Battelino, Bojan Maroševič, Petja Labovič