PRODUCTION: Perseverance Goes into Postproduction

    Perseverance by Miha Knific Perseverance by Miha Knific

    LJUBLJANA: Miha Knific, whose film Four Things I Wanted to Do With You (RTV Slovenija, 2015) competed at this year's Slovenian Film Festival in Portoroz, is in postproduction with his third feature film, Perseverance.

    Perseverance is a compilation of several stories and an homage to life at its toughest. It is a collage of moments that humans are unwilling or incapable to discuss, memories and secrets people keep to themselves. The film is a cacophony of reality, where the tragic is contrasted with the banal, the sublime with the profane, the cruel with the beautiful, and crowds with loneliness.

    Perseverance by Miha KnificThe first phase of shooting took place in Slovenia between 2009 and 2013. The second phase of shooting consisted of 12 days spent in Slovenia between 2013 and 2014. Additional scenes were shot in 2015 in Serbia, Croatia and Italy, Knific told FNE.

    The film is produced by Siniša Juričić through Nukleus Film in coproduction with Serbia’s This & That Productions and Italian Helios Sustainable Films. The project was supported by the Slovenian Film Center with 220,000 EUR, Croatian Audiovisual Center (50,000 EUR), the Film Centre of Serbia with 50,000 EUR, RTV Slovenia (42,000 EUR), FS Viba (130,000 EUR) and Italy’s BLS (70,000 EUR).

    The total budget is estimated at 660,000 EUR with the Slovenian financial share of Nukleus Film at 5% (30,000 EUR) and the Croatian share at 1% (5,000 EUR), producer Siniša Juričić told FNE. Nukleus Film Slovenia is an outpost established in 2013 with Miha Knific.

    The film is expected to be ready for the opening night in May 2016. The Slovenian distributor has not been announced.

    Production Information:

    Nukleus film Slovenija d.o.o.
    Lepodvorska ulica 26
    1000 Ljubljana
    Perseverance by Miha KnificPhone: +386 5 903 4456
    Website: www.nukleus-film.hr
    E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Producer: Siniša Juričić
    Coproducers: Snežana Penev, Patrick Kofler

    Director: Miha Knific
    Screenwriter: Miha Knific
    DoP: Aljoša Korenčan
    Editors: Sandra Mitić, Jan Klemche
    Production designer: Boban Petruševski
    Costume designer: Tina Bonča
    Make up: Mojca Gorogranc Petruševska
    Cast: Štefka Drolc, Brane Grubar, Katarina Čas, Lu Q Huong, Aljaž Tepina, Demeter Bitenc, Ivanka Mežan, Bine Matoh, Ivica Knez, Asami Nakashima, Yuya Omaki, Matevž Biber, Tomaž Štular, Teja Britovšek