PRODUCTION: Igor Šmid in Postproduction with Ana

    Ana by Igor Šmid Ana by Igor Šmid

    LJUBLJANA: Igor Šmid's crime drama Ana starring Slovenian journalist, publicist and writer Vesna Milek, has entered postproduction. Studio Arkadena is scheduled to release the film domestically in winter 2016/17.

    Milek’s character is a photographer, a mother of a little girl and the wife of a Slovenian tycoon whose greed and concealment of white-collar crime and infidelity results in a course of events that he is no longer able to control, so he vanishes without a trace. Ana and her daughter become helpless victims of a criminal association, while the society refuses to believe that she was unaware of her husband's crimes.

    The film also stars the famous comedian and TV host Lado Bizovičar in the role of a lawyer. The cast includes other well-known actors such as Boris Cavazza, Robert Prebil and Janez Škof.

    Ana is produced by Janez Kovič and Katja Getov through Studio Arkadena with an estimated budget of 700,000 EUR. Marcel Buh is the executive producer. The project received production funding of 375,000 EUR from the Slovenian Film Center and technical support provided by Studio Viba Film and Studio Arkadena. Shooting in Ljubljana was completed in February 2016.

    Ana is the second feature film by Igor Šmid after The Rift (Radiotelevizija Slovenija, 1998). In his 30-year long career, Šmid has also directed documentaries, several TV entertainment and children shows, commercial spots and videos.

    Production Information:
    Studio Arkadena
    Brodišče 23
    Ana by Igor Šmid1236 Trzin
    SI - Slovenia
    Phone: +386 1 562 16 27
    Fax: +386 1 562 16 28
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    Director: Igor Šmid
    Screenwriter: Marcel Buh
    DoP: Valentin Perko
    Editor: Stanko Kostanjevec
    Sound Designer: Studio Ritem
    Production Designer: Janez Kovič
    Costume Designer: Meta Sever
    Make up artist: Petra Hartman
    Music: Slavko Avsenik Jr.
    Cast: Vesna Milek, Robert Prebil, Lado Bizovičar, Valentina Plaskan, Dejan Spasić, Jana Morelj, Janez Škof, Žiga Saksida, Boris Cavazza, Denis Avdić, Ana Duković, Rebeka Marinšek Počivavšek, Matic Jamar, Aljoša Kovačič, Tanja Potočnik, Rok Kunaver, Zijad Mehić, Aljoša Rebolj, Davor Janjić, Medea Novak