New Board of Slovenian Film Center Appointed

    Chairman of the Board Bojan Labovič Chairman of the Board Bojan Labovič

    LJUBLJANA: The Government of the Republic of Slovenia appointed a new board for the Slovenian Film Center for the next five years.

    Joining the current members Suzana Zirkelbach, Bojan Labovič and Janez Pirc, the new members are editor Stanko Kostanjevec, director Urša Menart, film critic, journalist and former director of the Slovenian Film Festival Živa Emeršič, journalist and publicist Igor Kadunc and the representative of the Ministry of Culture Matej Srdinšek-Firm.

    The main task of the Board is to oversee the execution of the yearly programme of the Slovenian Film Center and also to appoint the director of the Slovenian Film Center in May 2016.

    Bojan Labovič, who was named chairman, told FNE that he expects stabilization of the current situation in near future. In the medium term he expects a gradual increase both in quality as well as in quantity, which will provide resources comparable with some other cultural and artistic fields in Slovenia.

    According to Labovič, the results cannot be measured only by the admissions, which has been a kind of “mantra” recently, but also by artistic creativity itself.