Restoration of Slovenian Classics Continues in 2016

    Good Luck, Kekec by Jože Gale Good Luck, Kekec by Jože Gale

    LJUBLJANA: After celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015 with various events including the restoration of two Slovenian classic films, the Slovenian Film Center announced together with the Slovenian Film Archive the restoration of new titles in 2016.

    Kekecs Tricks by Jože GaleThe list includes three of the most acclaimed Slovenian films: Good Luck, Kekec (Viba Film,1963) and Kekec’s Tricks (Viba Film,1968) by Jože Gale and The Valley of Peace (Triglav film, 1956) by France Štiglic.

    In 2015 the Slovenian Film Center restored with the help of the Slovenian Film Archive Franci Slak’s The Time of Crisis (Viba Film,1981) and Matjaž Klopčič’s Funeral Feast (Viba Film,1969). These were the first Slovenian feature films ever restored.

    The Valley of Peace by France ŠtiglicThe restoration and digitalization process of Funeral Feast and The Valley of Peace was fully financed by the Slovenian Film Center with a total amount of 36,000 EUR, Nerina Kocjančič from the Slovenian Film Center told FNE.

    The Slovenian Film Center also partially supported the restoration of The Time of Crisis, while the Slovenian Film Archive fully financed the restorations of Good Luck, Kekec and Kekec’s Tricks. These two restorations have already been completed, but it has been decided that some corrections will be made during the digitalisation process in order to fulfill the wish of the over 90-year-old DoP Ivan Marinček, Alojzij Tršan from the Slovenian Film Archive told FNE.