FNE at Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home by Maja Prettner Home Sweet Home by Maja Prettner

PORTOROŽ: Home Sweet Home / Dom ljubi dom, the first long documentary by Maja Prettner, will be screened in the competition of the 19th Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož (13-18 September 2016). This Slovenian independent documentary follows one year in the life of four children in an orphanage.

Free time. Sleeping. Dreaming. A new day. This is the life of a child brought up by the system. Set in a residential facility for children taken from their unhealthy family environments, the film follows one year in the lives of four individuals whose paths would very likely never have crossed if the circumstances had been different.

“This is a story about belonging to a family, to a home, pictured from a child’s perspective. In spite of all touching stories portrayed it still bears a positive vibe and images of worry free childhood”, director/writer Maja Prettner told FNE.

The film was produced by Jani Sever through Sever&Sever in coproduction with Iridium Film and Maja Prettner, with no support of any public funding. “It's hard to evaluate all the personal efforts we put into this documentary project, for which we have spent a year and a half. Sever&Sever has contributed with the equipment, Maja Prettner with her work as the director, screenwriter and editor, and Iridium Film with its services,” executive producer Nina Jeglič told FNE.

Shooting took place in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Zabukovica) and Croatia (Trogir) in 2014 and 2015.

Born in1987, Maja Prettner started her career as a journalist and radio presenter, and graduated  from the AGRFT in Film Directing. For the last five years she has collaborated with the Slovenian National Television RTV Slovenija on various programmes as a screenwriter and director, simultaneously developing her own projects. Her works have been shown at several festivals in Slovenia and abroad.

Production Information:

Home Sweet Home by Maja PrettnerSever&Sever d.o.o.
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Phone: +386 51 44 99 33
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Iridium Film
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Maja Prettner
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Director: Maja Prettner
Screenwriter: Maja Prettner
DoP: Miha Možina
Editors: Andrej Nagode, Maja Prettner
Music: Chad Crouch aka Podington Bear
Sound Designer: Tuan Winkler