Slovenian Hit At Hostar Boosts Domestic Box Office 2016

    At Hostar by Luka Marčetić At Hostar by Luka Marčetić

    LJUBLJANA: The Slovenian 2016 box office is up by around five percent thanks to the domestic hit At Hostar by Luka Marčetić, which scored over 180,000 admissions last year.

    The first results show that Slovenian cinema admissions in 2016 were around 2.1 m (compared to 2.05 m in 2015) and the total box office was approximately 10.8 m EUR (compared to 10.2 m EUR in 2015). The absolute winner is the independent Slovenian comedy At Hostar / Pr’ Hostar by Luka Marčetić (produced by Kerlc Film in coproduction with Iridum Film), which also became the second most viewed domestic title after 1991, when Slovenia reclaimed its independence.

    Just two of all 180 titles released in Slovenian cinemas in 2016 crossed the line of 100,000 admissions (there were three in 2015). After At Hostar come two U.S. animated blockbusters, Secret Life of Pets with approximately 102,800 admissions and 537,000 EUR gross and Ice Age: Collision Course with approximately 92,700 admissions and 486,000 EUR gross.

    Six domestic titles were released in 2016. Apart from to At Hostar they are Žiga Virc’s feature documentary Houston, We Have a Problem! / Houston, imamo problem! (produced by Studio Virc) with approximately 18,000 admissions, Igor Šterk’s Come Along / Pojdi z mano (A.A.C. Productions) with approximately 11,000 admissions, Nika by Slobodan Maksimović (Nora Production Group) with approximately 8,000 admissions, Damjan Kozole’s Nightlife / Nočno življenje (Vertigo) with approximately 3,200 admissions and Matej Nahtigal’s Case Osterberg / Psi brezčasja (Lignit Film) with approximately 700 admissions.