PRODUCTION: Hanna Slak Completes The Miner

    The Miner by Hanna Slak The Miner by Hanna Slak

    LJUBLJANA: Acclaimed Slovenian director Hanna Slak has finished her third feature film The Miner / Rudar. Shooting took place in November - December 2016 and the premiere is scheduled for Autumn 2017.

    The Miner tells the story of a miner from the Zasavje coal region, who, instructed to open a sealed mining shaft, finds much more behind the wall than merely an abandoned mine. Through the eyes of an immigrant the film unveils the dark side of Slovenian recent history, seeking a solution for the complex conflicts between the people and the miner's warm humanity.

    The film is a Slovenian/Croatian/German coproduction produced by Siniša Juričić and Miha Knific through the Croatian and Slovenian branches of Nukleus Film in coproduction with Michel Balague through VOLTE Germany. The estimated budget is 800,000 EUR. The project is supported by the Slovenian Film Center and Viba film. “Slovenian Film Center contributed with 396,000 EUR, Viba Film with 213,000 EUR and the rest has been provided by the production company”, producer Siniša Juričić told FNE.

    Leon Lučev, Marina Redžepović and Zala Đurić Ribić play the main roles, along well-known Slovenian actors Jure Henigman (Dual, Nejc Gazvoda, 2013, Perfo Production; A Trip, Nejc Gazvoda, 2011, Perfo Production) and Boris Cavazza (Piran-Pirano, Goran Vojnovič, 2010, Arsmedia).

    Born in Warsaw in 1975 and having graduated from the AGRFT in Ljubljana, Hanna Slak is the author of several internationally recognised short films. In 1999 she was named the Most Promising Young Slovenian Filmmaker. Her feature debut Blind Spot won the award of the Ecumenical Jury Don Quixote at the 12th Cottbus FF and the director was awarded as Best Director at the 7th Sofia IFF.

    2iFilm will released the film in Slovenian cinemas in autumn 2017.

    Production Information:

    The Miner by Hanna SlakNukleus film Slovenija d.o.o.
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    Director: Hanna Slak
    Screenwriter: Hanna Slak
    DoP: Matthias Pilz
    Editor: Vladimir Gojun
    Production designer: Marko Juratovec
    Costume designer: Tina Bonča
    Make-up: Tina Lasič Andrejević
    Music: Amélie Legrand
    Sound designer: Gabor Ripli
    Cast: Leon Lučev, Marina Redžepović, Zala Đurić Ribič, Tin Marn, Boris Cavazza, Nikolaj Burger, Jure Henigman, Boris Petkovič