PRODUCTION: Let Him Be a Basketball Player in Postproduction

    Let Him Be a Basketball Player by Boris Petkovič Let Him Be a Basketball Player by Boris Petkovič

    LJUBLJANA: The teen comedy Let Him Be a Basketball Player / Košarkar naj bo by Boris Petkovič is finishing postproduction. The film is based on a well-known book of the same title by Primož Suhadolčan, who also wrote the screenplay.

    Let Him Be a Basketball Player is the story of Ranta, a very tall teenage boy. When the gym teacher at his school notices his talent for playing basketball Ranta’s world is turned upside down. He becomes the most popular boy at the school and experiences his first love.

    The idea for a film originated in 2012, the development started in 2015 and the shooting took place in Ljubljana and near Kranj in summer 2016.

    The main role is played by the newcomer Klemen Kostrevc joining young talents Matija Brodnik (Come Along, A.A.C. Productions) and Gaja Filač, along with recognisable Slovenian actors Marko Miladinović (Siska Deluxe, Perfo), Gojmir Lešnjak (Ana, Arkadena), Lado Bizovičar (Ana, Arkadena) and Matjaž Javšnik (The Last Supper, Mangart). Mitja Ličen is the DoP.

    The director Boris Petkovič was born in 1971 in Zenica (Bosnia) and graduated in Koper from the Faculty for Navy Navigation and in 2005 from EICAR film school in Paris, where he stayed on to teach. He lives in Paris and Ljubljana, working as a freelance film director. His previous feature film was the musical drama The Beat of Love (Gustav Film).

    The film is produced by Frenk Celarc through Gustav Film in coproduction with RTV Slovenija. Other coproducers are MB Grip, Studio Ritem, Unicasting and Pecl. The project was supported by the Slovenian Film Center and FS Viba. It also received development funding from Media.

    The total budget is estimated at 817,000 EUR. “RTV Slovenija has been the major source of financing with the amount of 450,000 EUR, and the Slovenian Film Center contributed 123,700 EUR, but the final budget is not yet confirmed while we are in post-production”, producer Frenk Celarc told FNE.

    The film is expected to be released in Slovenian cinemas in September 2017 distributed by Fivia.

    Production Information:

    Gustav film
    Stegne 7
    1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Phone: +386 590 31 995
    Fax: +386 590 31 996
    Let Him Be a Basketball Player by Boris Petkovičwww.gustavfilm.si 
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    Director: Boris Petkovič
    Screenwriter: Primož Suhodolčan (also the author of the novel)
    DoP: Mitja Ličen
    Editor: Jelena Maksimović
    Production designer: Janez Prohinar
    Costume designer: Tina Bonča
    Make up: Eva Uršič
    Music: Nino De Gleira
    Sound: Borut Berden
    Cast: Klemen Kostrevc, Matija Brodnik, Gaja Filač, Teja Majzelj, Marko Miladinović, Gojmir Lešnjak Gojc, Lado Bizovičar, Ana Marija Mitić, Matjaž Javšnik, Saša Pavček