PRODUCTION: Rok Biček Wraps Ten Year Documentary Project

    The Family, dir. Rok Biček The Family, dir. Rok Biček

    LJUBLJANA: Young Slovenian director Rok Biček, who gained international success with his debut feature A Class Enemy (Triglav Film, 2013), has just completed the long documentary The Family, a Slovenian / Austrian coproduction shot in Slovenia and France over a ten year period from September 2006 to February 2016.

    The Family follows 14-year-old Matej over the course of ten years. After having to take care of his mentally challenged parents and his older brother, he spent an isolated youth among his peers. As he became a father himself at the age of 20, it seemed as if he was able to transcend life patterns and create a family on his own. However, his behavioural and personality patterns disturb the young family’s peace.

    Rok Biček is also the screenwriter and the DoP. “I believe a documentary should show elements which reflect our society in a way that doesn't manipulate either the performers or the viewer. Awareness that makes us realize, that the situations we watch from a safe seat in a cinema, actually happened to someone, is the strongest. This is my way of showing my perception of the world through my own poetics and telling a story which is not trying to avoid difficult topics,” Biček told FNE.

    The Family is produced by Erna Gorše Biček through Slovenia’s Cvinger film and Rok Biček through Austria’s Zwinger Film in coproduction with RTV Slovenija. The first two contributed with 64,000 EUR each, while RTV Slovenija contributesd with 120,000 EUR. The total budget is 346,000 EUR. The project is supported by the Slovenian Film Center with 42,000 EUR, Viba film with 29,030 EUR and the Austrian Film Institute (OFI) with 27,000 EUR.
    The film will have the premiere at the Locarno Film Festival and afterwards will screen at the Sarajevo FF and the 20th Slovenian Film Festival in Portoroz.

    Production Information:
    Cvinger film
    Dunajska cesta 156
    1000 Ljubljana

    Director: Rok Biček
    Screenwriter: Rok Biček
    DoP: Rok Biček
    Editors: Rok Biček, Yulia Roschina
    Sound Designer: Julij Zornik
    Cast: Matej Rajk, Barbara Kastelec, Nia Kastelec, Alenka Rajk, Boris Rajk, Mitja Rajk, Ivka Gruden, Emanoela Skulj, robert Krese, Aleksej Kastelec, Estera Dvornik, Gabrijela Simetinger