Slovenian Government Approves Bill for Additional Funding for Culture and Film Heritage

    Nataša Bučar, managing director of the Slovenian Film Center Nataša Bučar, managing director of the Slovenian Film Center photo: Marko Cafnik

    LJUBLJANA: The Slovenian government green lighted an MP-sponsored bill aimed at securing additional funding for arts and culture in 2020-2026. The funds will be earmarked for various urgent areas including film and cultural heritage and purchasing contemporary artworks. The bill is now waiting to be approved by the Parliament.

    The draft bill was submitted on 9 March 2018 by a group of members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia ahead with Dragan Matić from the political party SMC.

    On the basis of the draft law, the state would provide 122.6 m EUR for a period from 2018 to 2024, in accordance with the public finance capacities from the national budget.

    The resources will be used for the rehabilitation of the most important and endangered cultural heritage units, the regulation of the basic housing conditions for some essential cultural public institutions, the support of the development of traveling libraries and the preservation and restoration of Slovenian film, music, ballet and dance heritage, including on digital content.

    "I am pleased that the Government of Slovenia has included the preservation and restoration of the film heritage, as well as the promotion of various new opportunities for the distribution of audiovisual content. For these purposes the law 2020-2026 provides a necessary funding in the amount of 2 m EUR", Nataša Bučar, the Managing Director of the Slovenian Film Centre told FNE.