FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film 2021: Inventory

    Inventory by Darko Sinko Inventory by Darko Sinko photo: December

    PORTOROŽ: Darko Sinko's Inventory / Inventura will be screened in the competition of the 24th Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož (12 - 17 October 2021). This drama with elements of thriller and black comedy is Sinko's first feature film.

    Boris is an ordinary man. One evening someone shoots at him through a window. While Boris has no enemies or conflict with anyone, it seems that the shooting was a mere coincidence, so the police quickly suspend the investigation. But Boris cannot accept this ending and starts to investigate on his own.

    "This is a story of a man who sees the illusion of the world he has lived in shatter. The irony and scale of this collapse bring to mind the present moment and its blurring of lines between what is real and what is fake, its growing distrust and the rapid erosion of what used to be self-evident", says director Darko Sinko.

    Radoš Bolčina, Mirel Knez, Dejan Spasić play the main roles.

    Inventory was produced by Vlado Bulajić and Lija Pogačnik through December, in coproduction with RTV Slovenija. The project was supported by the Slovenian Film Centre with 220,000 EUR, Creative Europe MEDIA with 30,000 EUR and RE-ACT with 8,000 EUR, while Studio Viba Film provided additional technical support in the amount of 148,000 EUR. "RTV Slovenija contributed 274,000 EUR and the total budget was 680,000 EUR," producer Vlado Bulajić told FNE.

    The shooting took place in Ljubljana and its surroundings from May until June 2019.

    The film is scheduled for domestic release in February 2022 by Fivia. The sales agent is not confirmed yet.

    Darko Sinko graduated in communication from the Faculty of Social Sciences and in film direction from the AGRFT. As a student he shot videos for various Slovenian theatres and after his graduation he has mostly been making documentaries. Recently he has focused on live-action films and screenwriting, and he has also produced several documentaries.

    Production Information:

    Director Darko Sinko , photo: Gregor BožičProducer:
    December (Slovenia)
    Vlado Bulajić: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    RTV Slovenija (Slovenia)

    Director: Darko Sinko
    Screenwriter: Darko Sinko
    DoP: Marko Brdar
    Editor: Matic Drakulić
    Production designer: Adriana Furlan
    Costume designer: Katja Hrobat
    Make-up artist: Lija Ivančič
    Composer: Matija Krečič