FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film 2021: Deadlock

    Deadlock by Vinko Möderndorfer Deadlock by Vinko Möderndorfer author: Željko Stevanić

    PORTOROŽ: Vinko Möderndorfer’s fourth feature film Deadlock / Zastoj will be screened in the competition of the 24th Festival of Slovenian Film in Portorož (12 - 17 October 2021). The story focuses on a tragic event which brings together two married couples from different social backgrounds. The main roles are played by Mirjam Korbar, Peter Musevski, Uroš Fürst and Barbara Cerar.

    “The world in which we live is in a deadlock. We are stuck in a sort of a civilisational standstill and it will be impossible to get out of it without understanding each other and observing the fundamental human and humanist values”, says director/screenwriter Vinko Möderndorfer.

    The film was produced by Eva Rohrman through Forum Ljubljana in coproduction with Biljana Prvanović and Srdjan Dragojević through Delirium Films (Serbia) and Vladimir Anastasov and Angela Nestorovska through Sektor Film (North Macedonia). The project was supported by the Slovenian Film Centre with 627,000 EUR, Film Center Serbia with 50,600 EUR and the North Macedonia Film Agency with 45,500, while Studio Viba Film provided additional technical support in the amount of 187,000 EUR. The total budget is 1,034,000 EUR, with the difference in the amount covered by own funds and in-kind investments.

    The shooting took place in Ljubljana, Seča (on the Slovenian coast) from 20 March until 30 April 2019. "The postproduction was delayed due to the blockade of the financing of Slovenian film by the government of the Republic of Slovenia, and it was consequently completed in early 2021. Unfortunately, the problems of the financing of Slovenian cinema have not been completely eliminated and continue in 2021 as well," producer Eva Rohrman told FNE.

    The film was shot by Mitja Ličen, who has won a Vesna Award for Sonja Prosenc's History of Love (produced by Monoo, coproduced by Norwegian Incitus Film and Italian Nefertiti film, in association with RTV Slovenija and RAI Cinema), while the sound designer Jurij Zornik has previously won a Vesna Award for Ian Soroka's Croatian/Slovenian Greeting from Free Forests (produced by Pica Pica Productions in coproduction with Plan 9 Produkcija).

    The editor is Andrija Zafranović, who was posthumously awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 49th IFF FEST in 2021. Production designer Dušan Milavec received the Badjura Lifetime Achievement Award at the 19th Festival of Slovenian Film.

    Deadlock is expected to be released in Slovenian cinemas in January 2022 by Fivia.

    Vinko Möderndorfer studied directing at the AGRFT. He wrote and directed three award-winning live-action feature films: Suburbs (2004), Landscape No. 2 (2008) and Inferno (2014), all produced by Forum Ljubljana. His extensive work includes more than a hundred theatre and opera directions, 16 TV directions and a hundred radio plays. He has also written numerous books and plays. His literary work brought him over 40 awards, including the Prešeren's Foundation Award.

    Production Information:

    Forum Ljubljana (Slovenia)
    Eva Rohrman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Deadlock by Vinko Möderndorfer, author: Željko StevanićCoproducers:
    Delirium Films (Serbia)
    Sektor film (North Macedonia)

    Director: Vinko Möderndorfer
    Screenwriter: Vinko Möderndorfer
    DoP: Mitja Ličen
    Editors: Andrija Zafranović, Jurij Moškon
    Production designer: Dušan Milavec
    Costume designer: Alenka Korla
    Make-up artist: Mojca Gorogranc Petrushevska
    Composer: Marjan Nečak
    Sound designer: Julij Zornik, Ognjen Popić
    Cast: Mirjam Korbar, Peter Musevski, Uroš Fürst, Barbara Cerar, Klemen Kovačič, Mila Fürst, Ivo Ban, Benjamin Krnetič, Igor Žužek, Branko Završan