PRODUCTION: Luka Marčetič Finishes Shooting Sequel to Slovenian Cult Hit At Hostar

    Shooting of At Hostar 2 by Luka Marčetič Shooting of At Hostar 2 by Luka Marčetič

    LJUBLJANA: Luka Marčetič has finished shooting At Hostar 2 / Pr’Hostar 2 ‰, the Slovenian domestic hit that still holds the record for the most admissions since 1991. The shooting, which took place in Bled, had started on 8 October and finished on 7 November 2021.

    At Hostar started as a spin-off from a Slovenian online YouTube indie TV series that became a local sensation. The videos had over a million viewers, which prompted the team to make an ultra-low budget film based on the same concept about some crazy guys from idyllic countryside of the Gorenjska region and a small hotel known as Hostar Inn. The film was released in Slovenian cinemas in 2016 and became a cult hit with many people going to see it more than once. The sequel has been eagerly awaited by fans.

    At Hostar 2 continues the story. Soon after acquiring the hotel, the Hostars end up fighting because of different ideas on how to run the business. Tristian and Mark have just returned from their unsuccessful music tour, when Tristian gets the opportunity of becoming the manager in the by then already closed hotel. He has to reunite the team to run the hotel and bring in the business, or the Hostars will fire him.

    "Filming At Hostar is like being on a holiday with friends. We still work hard but the energy on set is nothing like anywhere else. Even now after a five-year hiatus. For the sequel, we took some risks by giving more attention to supporting characters and by moving away from the main location of the first film. However, the absurd comedy is still the most important aspect of the film so I'm sure the fans won't be disappointed," director Luka Marčetič told FNE.

    The leading cast of Dejan Krupič, Goran Hrvačanin, Mateja Terseglav, Aljoša Armuš and Haris Raković remains the same. The DoP is Lev Predan Kowarski, and Svit Kraigher is executive producer.

    At Hostar 2 is produced by Pro plus, the leading Slovenian commercial TV channel.

    At Hostar directed by Luka Marčetić and produced by Kerlc Film in coproduction with Iridum Film in 2016 is still number one at the Top10 Slovenian films since 1991 with 211,604 admissions.

    Production Information:

    Shooting of At Hostar 2 by Luka MarčetičProducer:
    Pro plus (Slovenia)
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    Director: Luka Marčetič
    Screenwriter: Dejan Krupič, Goran Hrvačanin
    DoP: Lev Predan Kowarski
    Music: Gašper Konec
    Sound designer: Boštjan Kačičnik
    Production design: Katarina Riznar
    Costume design: Katarina Šavs
    Make-up design: Maja Razboršek
    Cast: Dejan Krupič, Goran Hrvačanin, Niko Zagode, Mario Čulibrk, Miha Brajnik, Mateja Terseglav, Martin Intihar, Gregor Jakelj Kolarevič, Miri Bolte, Tilen Artač, Dalibor Golubovič, Aljoša Armuš, Haris Rakovič, Marko Miladinovič, Uroš Smolej, Marko Zemljič, Neja Šmid, Darja Dimitrova, Jure Žerovnik, Jernej Kogovšek, Mila Peršin, Doroteja Škrabo, Denis Vehabović, Mladen Ercegovac, Mugdim Avdagić, Faketa Salihbegović, Luka Marčetič