Slovenian Film on the Go: Ten Slovenian Feature Films in Distribution in 2022

    SFC Director Nataša Bučar SFC Director Nataša Bučar photo: Katja Goljat

    LJUBLJANA: Five Slovenian feature films are scheduled to enter production and 10 Slovenian feature films are set to start distribution in 2022, according to the Slovenian Film Centre.

    The feature films set for production in 2022 are: Observing by Janez Burger, Father Figure by Nejc Gazvoda, The Last Hero by Žiga Virc, Hidden People by Miha Hočevar, and Redemption by Sonja Prosenc.

    Domestic films had 12,561 admissions in 2021 compared to 31,040 in 2020. General admissions were 661,186 in 2021 compared to 577,363 in 2020.

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