PRODUCTION: Slovenian/Croatian Lunatic by Igor Šterk Wraps Shooting

    Lunatic by Igor Šterk Lunatic by Igor Šterk

    LJUBLJANA: Igor Šterk’s feature film Lunatic wrapped shooting in the Slovenian seaside town of Piran. The Slovenian/Croatian coproduction is a bittersweet autobiography of the director’s family, whose father Jure Šterk, a famous sailor, disappeared in the Indian Ocean 13 years ago.

    Jure Šterk sailed the Atlantic Ocean on his own more than ten times during his lifetime, and in 1994, he became the first Slovenian to circumnavigate the world alone in a sailboat measuring only 6.5 metres. The year 2022 marks the 13th anniversary of Jure’s mysterious disappearance in the Indian Ocean during his attempt to sail around the world without stopping on land.

    The film was shot starting September 2021 in various locations in Slovenia and Croatia, as well as at the Viba Film Studio. The challenging project required all seasons and was also restricted by the pandemic

    The main actors are: Janez Škof (Jure), Silva Čušin (Vojka), Jernej Gašperin (Igor) and the debutant actor Tito Novak (Igor as a child).

    Slovenia’s A.A.C. Productions is producing in coproduction with Slovenia’s Gustav Film and RTV Slovenia, as well as Croatia’s Švenk. The Slovenian Film Centre and the Croatian Audiovisual Centre are supporting, while Viba Film Studio has provided technical support.

    Lunatic is expected to be completed by December 2022.

    Production Information:

    A.A.C. Productions (Slovenia)

    Gustav Film (Slovenia)
    RTV Slovenia (Slovenia)
    Švenk (Croatia)

    Director: Igor Šterk
    Scriptwriter: Igor Šterk
    DoP: Miloš Srdić
    Editor: Petar Marković
    Production designer: Marco Juratovec
    Costume designer: Tina Bonča
    Makeup designer: Gabrijela Fleischman
    Cast: Janez Škof, Silva Čušin, Jernej Gašperin, Tito Novak

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