Largest Slovenian Cineplex Kolosej Sold at Auction

    Kolosej Ljubljana Kolosej Ljubljana credit: Boving d.o.o.,

    LJUBLJANA: Kolosej Ljubljana, the first and the largest Slovenian cineplex, which started operating in 2001, was sold at auction on 5 September 2022 for 6.4 m EUR. The new owner of the building with a total area of 10,000 square metres is the Slovenian businessman Ivo Boscarol.

    The cineplex with 12 screens and 3,312 seats, located in the shopping area BTC, is currently the only remaining operating cinema facility of once the largest Slovenian cinema chain, operated by Kolosej Kinematografi. The company, which had also been running cineplexes in Maribor, Celje, Koper, Murska Sobota and Kranj, ran into financial difficulties due to the many claims legally filed by creditors in 2014.

    Presently, the tenant of the facility is the Bovin company. “The current rental agreement lasts until the end of 2022”, Damjan Smodiš, managing director of Bovin told FNE. Regarding future cooperation, more will be known in the following weeks after a meeting with Ivo Boscarol.

    In May 2022, Cineplexx Slovenia, which already operates six facilities in Slovenia (Maribor, Celje, Koper, Kranj, Novo mesto, Murska Sobota), opened a cineplex in Ljubljana. The facility with seven cinema theatres and 1,357 seats is located in the shopping mall Supernova Ljubljana Rudnik.

    The 66-years-old Slovenian businessman, aviator and politician Ivo Boscarol, founded the first private airplane factory in ex-Yugoslavia in 1987, today known as the Pipistrel company.