FESTIVALS: Animateka 2022 Kicks Off in Ljubljana


    LJUBLJANA: A total of 28 titles were selected for the Main Competition of the 19th edition of Animateka Animated International Film Festival, which takes place in Ljubljana 28 November – 4 December 2022.

    The festival  offers a hand-picked ‘best of’ independent animation from around the world grouped in various sections including the Main Competition (with films from Central and Eastern Europe), Best of the World, Animated Documentaries, Dozens of Norths, among others.

    The festival welcomes more than 200 filmmakers each year.

    This year part of the selection can be seen online from 28 November to 4 December 2022.

    Main Competition:

    3 Generations (Poland)
    Directed by Paulina Ziółkowska

    7 Themes for the Peri-urban Landscape in Umbria (Italy)
    Directed by Giada Fuccelli

    11 (Croatia)
    Directed by Vuk Jevremović

    98 kg (Poland, Germany)
    Directed by Izabela Plucińska

    A Brief History of Us (Poland, Israel)
    Directed by Etgar Keret

    Amok (Hungary, Romania)
    Directed by Balász Turai

    Baroudeur (Switzerland)
    Directed by Mauro Carraro

    Once There Was a Sea… (Slovakia, Poland)
    Directed by Joanna Kožuch

    Garrano (Portugal, Lithuania)
    Directed by David Doutel, Vasco Sá

    Guilty Pleasure (Poland)
    Directed by Michał Orzechowski

    Intermission (Hungary)
    Directed by Réka Bucsi

    Dog-apartment (Estonia)
    Directed by Priit Tender

    The Legend of Goldhorn (Slovenia)
    Directed by Lea Vučko, Damir Grbanović

    Lucky Man (Switzerland)
    Directed by Claude Luyet

    Mercy (Slovakia)
    Directed by Ivana Laučikova

    Love In Times of Coal-based Economy (Poland, Croatia)
    Directed by Tomasz Siwiński

    Miracasas (Switzerland, France)
    Directed by Raphaëlle Stolz, Augusto Zanovello

    Money and Happiness (Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia)
    Directed by Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak Jr.

    Salute to the Sun (Croatia)
    Directed by Darko Masnec

    The Sphere (Croatia, Switzerland)
    Directed by Manuel Šumberac

    Sierra (Estonia)
    Directed by Sander Joon

    Remember How I Used to Ride a White Horse (Croatia)
    Directed by Ivana Bošnjak Volda, Thomas Johnson Volda

    Trace (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Asparuh Petrov

    Slow Light (Poland, Portugal)
    Directed by Kijek/Adamski

    The Record (Switzerland)
    Directed by Jonathan Laskar

    Great Wall of Poland (Poland)
    Directed by Aga Jarząb

    The Visit (Poland)
    Directed by Mateusz Jarmulski

    XX (Slovenia)
    Directed by Vasja Lebarič, Julij Zornik