Slovenia’s First Multiplex Closes Down

    Kolosej Ljubljana Kolosej Ljubljana credit: Boving d.o.o.

    LJUBLJANA: Kolosej, the first multiplex in Slovenia, closed down in Ljubljana on 14 March 2023 after 22 years of activity. The new owner plans to refurbish the building into an entertainment centre which will keep the cinema under a new name, Odiseja (Odyssey).

    The multiplex was housed in a building located in the BTC City shopping area, which was auctioned for 6.4 m EUR by businessman Ivo Boscarol in September 2022.

    Launched in 2001, Kolosej had 12 screens with over 3,000 seats. It was extremely popular, but the accumulation of debts determined its former owner to declare bankruptcy of the building in 2016, cutting off creditors and using the multiplex as collateral, according to the STA news agency.