FNE at Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož 2023: Woman of God

    Woman of God by Maja Prettner Woman of God by Maja Prettner credit: Studio Virc

    PORTOROŽ: Maja Prettner’s second long documentary Woman of God / Duhovnica is screening in the competition of the 26th Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož, taking place 3 - 8 October 2023.

    The film follows a Protestant pastor Jana throughout her journey of leaving the Church. But when will this difficult decision finally bring her the long-awaited freedom? She first has to face Woman of God by Maja Prettner, credit: Studio Vircadditional challenges as some very old wounds reopen.

    “For five years we have been very dedicated and have put our hearts into this project, following the everyday routine and important personal events of our protagonist, the Protestant pastor Jana. We have managed to be part of Jana’s private life and experience her most intimate family moments,” says director Maja Prettner in a statement.

    Woman of God was produced by Boštjan Virc and Nataša Vugirnec through Studio Virc in coproduction with Al Jazeera Balcans (Qatar). The project was supported by the Slovenian Film Centre.

    The release date in Slovenian cinemas is not known yet.

    Born in 1987, Maja Prettner started her career as a journalist and radio presenter, and graduated from the AGRFT in Film Directing. For the last five years she has collaborated with the Slovenian National Television RTV Slovenija on various programmes as a screenwriter and director, simultaneously developing her own projects. Her works have been shown at several festivals in Slovenia and abroad.

    Production Information:

    Director Maja Prettner, source: FSF archiveStudio VircStudio Virc (Slovenia)
    Boštjan Virc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Maja Prettner
    Screenwriters: Maja Prettner, Iza Strehar, Boštjan Virc
    DoP: Jože Glažar
    Editor: Sara Gjergek
    Sound designer: Simon Penšek
    Cast: Jana Kerčmar Džuban