BOX OFFICE: Good Year for Slovenian Domestic Titles in 2023

    Whisper of a Butterfly by Alen Pavšar Whisper of a Butterfly by Alen Pavšar copyright: Almedia

    LJUBLJANA: Total 2023 admissions for domestic films dropped down compared to the record breaking year 2022, but were still significantly higher than the average of the previous past years. With 175,533 admissions and 945,629 EUR gross they represent a 9% share in total admissions and 7.5% in total gross, according to estimates.

    The top domestic title in 2023 is Whisper of a Butterfly by Alen Pavšar, produced by Almedia and distributed by Constantin Film, with 63,761 admissions and 317,886 EUR gross, followed by Grandpa Goes South by Vinci Vogu Anžlovar, produced by A Atalanta and distributed by CinemaniaGroup, with 31,243 admissions and 185,887 EUR gross, Je kirke riku? by Andrej Pratnemer and Denis Vengust, produced and distributed by Pratnemer, with 28,345 admissions and 166,397 EUR gross, Guardians of the Formula by Dragan Bijelogrlić, produced by Serbian Ton film in coproduction with Perfo Production and distributed by Fivia, with 11,181 admissions and 67,032 EUR gross, and Something Sweet by Tin Vodopivec, produced by Sparks&Juice and distributed by Karantanija Cinemas, with 9,191 admissions and 54,630 EUR gross.

    Je kir ke reku? by Andrej Pratnemer and Denis Vengust, copyright: PratenemerTwo out of top five domestic films (Je kirke riku? and Something Sweet) were made as enthusiastic guerilla projects without the support of the Slovenian Film Centre.

    The Slovenian film with the most admissions since 1991 is still At Hostar / Pr’ Hostar by Luka Marčetić, produced by Kerlc Film in coproduction with Iridum Film, with 211,604 admissions, followed by Going Our Way / Gremo mi po svoje (2010) by Miha Hočevar, produced by Vertigo/Emotionfilm in coproduction with RTV Slovenija, with 205,439 admissions.

    The Slovenian total box office in 2023 is estimated at 1,944,638 admissions and 12.5 m EUR gross, which is slightly higher than in 2022 when it reached 1,884,460 admissions and 11.5 m EUR gross.