Additional Funding for Slovenian Cash Rebate Scheme


    LJUBLJANA: The Slovenian government has allocated 5.5 m EUR for cultural infrastructure, including 500,000 EUR for the cash rebate scheme operated by the Slovenian Film Centre.

    “With these additional funds of 0.5 m EUR for the cash rebate scheme we will be able to attract investments in the amount of 2 m EUR to locations in Slovenia,” Nataša Bučar, director of the Slovenian Film Centre, told FNE.

    The government also approved 3 m EUR for renovation works at the national theatre in Maribor (SNG Maribor) and 2 m EUR for the second phase of the construction of an auditorium at the national theatre in Nova Gorica (SNG Nova Gorica) on 13 June 2024.

    The estimated budget of the Slovenian Film Centre for 2024 is 8,543,365 EUR, not including the funds for the cash rebate scheme.