Production: Slovenian family movie begins filming

By Matevz Rudolf

    Slovenian director Miha Hočevar is nowadays shooting his fourth full-length movie, a teen film titled We Go Our Way.

    The film is shooting in western Slovenia, not far from the locations used by The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

    The film is produced by one of the most successful Slovenian production companies, Vertigo/Emotionfilm. The €1,3 million budget is financially and technically supported by the Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si), Viba Film studio (www.vibafilm.si) and co-producer RTV Slovenia (www.rtvslo.si).

    We Go Our Way is the story of young male scouts who go on a camping trip with a strict and annoying scout leader. Just next to the boys' camp is a girls' sport camp, leading to comic situations and romantic entanglements.

    Commenting on the film, the irector Miha Hočevar said, "We Go Our Way is new Slovenian family film that will hopefully attract younger film spectators with its amusing and emotional story. We don't want to make just another family film but a big exciting film comedy that will be more attractive than computer games and will give teenagers as well as adults useful and positive advice about life."

    Featuring popular Slovenian comic actor Jurij Zrnec in main role of the scout leader should help the film draw audiences.

    The film will be finished by the end of 2009. The Slovenian premiere is expected in spring 2010.

    Production Credits:

    We Go Our Way (Gremo mi po svoje)

    35 mm, 1 : 2.35 (cinemascope), color, 100 min

    Production Company: Vertigo/Emotionfilm (www.emotionfilm.si)

    Co-production Company: RTV Slovenia (www.rtvslo.si)

    Co-funding: Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si

    Director: Miha Hočevar

    Screenwriter: Miha Hočevar

    Producers: Danijel Hočevar

    Director of Photography: Simon Tanšek

    Film Editor: Olga Toni

    Art director: Miha Ferkov

    Costume design: Polonca Valentinčič

    Cast: Jurij Zrnec, Jana Zupančič, Ajda Toman, Uroš Kaurin, Luka Cimprič