FESTIVALS: Ljubljana festival opens

By FNE Staff
    The 20th Ljubljana International Film Festival - LIFFe opens in Ljubljana and in Slovenia's second city, Maribor, on November 11, and continues through November 22.

    The festival will open on 11 November at 20.00 in Linhart Hall of Cankarjev dom with Les herbes folles (Wild Grass) by Alain Resnais.

    In Maribor 20th LIFFe will also begin on 11 November at 20.00 in Hall 5 Kolosej Maribor with Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans by Werner Herzog.

    Last year

    19th LIFFe featured 110 films, out of which 17 were shorts.

    There were 272 screenings, out of which 248 in Ljubljana and 24 in Maribor.

    28 screenings were sold out.

    There were 46,800 tickets issued, out of which 2100 in Maribor.

    This year

    The programme encompasses 106 films, out of which 15 are shorts.

    In Maribor 23 feature films will be screened.

    20th LIFFe Sections

    Perspectives, the official competitive section of new authors competing for Mobitel's Kingfisher Award

    Avant-premieres, films purchased for Slovenian distribution

    Kings and Queens, films by notable and award-winning virtuosos of contemporary film

    World Film Panorama, front-runners of five-continent festivals

    Extravaganza, so-called late-night cinema of daring idiosyncratic artists addressing sensual topics

    Against the Wind, artists entertaining radical visions and sailing against the prevailing currents

    Focus, an insight into one or more of the hottest national cinematographies

    Retrospective, a representative selection of a foremost contemporary filmmaker

    Tribute, a condensed presentation of a festival- and media-exposed filmmaker

    Kino Balon, introducing an independent section for young viewers; a selection of films for children aged 7 to13; in association with Kinodvor Cinema


    KINGFISHER, international jury award granted by the general sponsor, Mobitel, d.d., to the best film of the Perspectives section

    DRAGON, audience award to a film that has not yet been secured Slovenian distribution. Awarded by the donor Tobačna Ljubljana.

    FIPRESCI PRIZE, presented by the international jury of the World Association of Film Critics and Journalists



    International Jury for the Kingfisher Award (Perspectives section)

    Dana Linssen (The Netherlands)

    Elma Tataragić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    Martin Turk (Slovenia)

    International Jury for the Best Short Film Award

    Iva Krajnc (Slovenia)

    Hanna Preuss (Poland/Slovenia)

    Neil Young (Great Britain/Slovenia)

    The international jury of the World Association of Film Critics and Journalists for the FIPRESCI PRIZE

    Audience Voting

    Selecting from the feature films that have not been purchased for Slovenian distribution, the spectators will be able to vote for their favourite picture, which will receive the DRAGON Award, granted by donor Tobačna Ljubljana, d.o.o.. The viewers will vote by ballot upon exiting the hall, or send an SMS, courtesy of main festival sponsor, Mobitel, d.d..

    Voting for the DRAGON Audience Award will take place until 21 November inclusively.

    The following films will compete for the DRAGON AWARD:

    Pardon My French (Sophie Fillieres)

    Bronson (Nicolas Winding Refn)

    Blacks (Goran Dević, Zvonimir Jurić)

    Birdwatchers (Marco Bechis)

    When the Full Moon Rises (Mohamad Mohd Khalid)

    Morphine (Aleksej Balabanov)

    The Happiest Girl in The World (Radu Jude)

    Our Beloved Month of August (Miguel Gomes)

    Accident (Cheang Pou-Soi)

    Fish Child (Lucia Puenzo)

    A Town Called Panic (Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar)

    Paper Soldier (Aleksej German ml.)

    A Week Alone (Celina Murga)

    Scratch (Michal Rosa)

    Go Get Some Rosemary (Josh & Benny Safdie)

    Exploding Girl (Bradley Rust Gray)

    Nanayo (Naomi Kawase)

    The Maid (Sebastian Silva)

    Mock Up On Mu (Craig Baldwin)

    Tokyo Onlypic (Riichiro Mashima)

    Turistas (Alicia Scherson)

    I Killed My Mother (Xavier Dolan)

    Cloud 9 (Andreas Dresen)

    Easier With Practice (Kyle Patrick Alvarez)

    All Is Forgiven (Mia Hansen-Love)

    That's It (Matheus Souza)

    Sound of Insects: Record of A Mummy (Peter Liechti)


    20th LIFFe has been devised in association with Kolosej kinematografi, Kinodvor City Cinema and Slovenian Cinematheque as well as European Commission's MEDIA Programme and the European Commission Representation in Slovenia.

    Main Festival sponsor: Mobitel, d.d.

    Donor: Tobačna Ljubljana, d.o.o.

    Media partner: Delo, d.d.

    Festival venues

    Cankarjev dom: Linhart and Kosovel Halls, 2nd Foyer, Cankarjev dom Club, E1-E4 Halls; Kinodvor Cinema, Kinoklub Vič Cinema, Slovenian Cinematheque, Kolosej Maribor (Hall 5)

    Welcome to the 2nd Foyer

    Press centre, festival box office, socialising and entertainment premises, guest chat room.

    Ticket sale


    Avant-premieres EUR 5.10, other sections EUR 4.90

    Kolosej Maribor EUR 4.30

    Regular sales 11 -22 November

    - Festival Box Office in the 2nd Foyer of CD, from 11.00 until the beginning of the last screening

    - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; receive tickets by post when using IVANKA Card

    - Kinoklub Vič, Kinodvor Cinema and Slovenian Cinematheque an hour prior to screenings

    - www.liffe.si (MasterCard, Eurocard, Visa, Diners, Ivanka, Moneta); no discounts apply for online purchases

    - By phone (01) 2417 300 weekdays 9.00 - 18.00 h

    - Kolosej Maribor

    - Other Cankarjev dom official points of sale

    Online also at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Accompanying programme

    Talks with Festival Guests and Filmmakers, Round-table Discussions

    Also this year, various directors, actors and other filmmakers will present their films in Ljubljana. You will be able to chat with them at the post-screening talks, and delve behind the film-making scenes. Schedule of talks will be announced daily at www.liffe.si.


    11 - 22 November

    20th LIFFe: Punning on Film Titles

    Poster exhibition

    Cankarjev dom 2nd Foyer; Ljubljana City Library - Oton Župančič Library; Kolodvor Library, Railway Station Subway

    11 - 22 November

    LIFFe Perspective and Retrospective Images

    Exhibition of film-stills from the Perspectives competitive section and posters of the last twenty years.

    Maxi Passageway

    15 - 17 November

    Cankarjev dom, Hall E1-3

    Neighbouring Co-production Meeting (NCM)

    This year, the second Neighbouring Co-production Meeting (NCM) of Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia is being organised under the auspices of the 20th edition of the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe), a successful festival receiving the support of the European Commission's MEDIA programme for the third time. The purpose of this co-production meeting is to present high-quality fictional and documentary projects currently being developed and to promote international co-productions.

    On 16 November, the professional community will get a chance to see into the future, a future characterised by new technologies and new film production and distribution methods, during a special NCM Training Day prepared in the context of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009. The central part of the Neighbouring Co‑production Meeting will be the personal "one‑to‑one" meetings of producers on 17 November.

    Organised by: MEDIA desk Slovenia, European Commission Representation in Slovenia, Cankarjev dom

    In cooperation with: MEDIA desk Denmark, MEDIA desk Croatia, MEDIA desk Italy, MEDIA desk Hungary, MEDIA Antena Torino, Vienna Film Fund.

    Tuesday, 17 November

    Cankarjev dom, Kosovel Hall

    Film Retrospective "Europe, Whole and Free"

    Twenty years ago the Socialist bloc of the Eastern and Central Europe disintegrated in a matter of months. The fall of the Iron Curtain, the long-awaited reunification of the divided parts of Europe and the symbolic tearing down of the Berlin Wall stirred up deep emotions among the European public, reflecting the hope for change. Today, twenty years after those dramatic events, the European Union has become a tight-knit crossroads of cultures and connections, established between the 27 Member States. The results of the cultural and creative cooperation are especially evident in cinematic art.

    On the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain and the fifth anniversary of the most extensive enlargement of European Union, the audience of the twentieth-anniversary instalment of LIFFe can look forward to an exquisite selection of films. The film retrospective involving the dramatic events of the time of democratic changes in Central and Eastern Europe, will present an attractive package of selected European film titles.

    15.30 Videograms of a Revolution

    17.45 12:08 East of Bucharest

    19.45 The Wall

    22.00 Leipzig in Autumn & Uwe Johnson Is Watching TV

    Organised by: MEDIA desk Slovenia, European Commission Representation in Slovenia, Cankarjev dom

    ITAK Filmfest

    Organised for the third time by LIFFe and Mobitel, the competition is intended for would-be filmmakers, who are experimenting with their mobile phones. Contestants can enter their films, fiction or documentary, shot spontaneously or on the basis of an elaborate script, into various categories, thus attesting that mobile phones stimulate imagination and creativity and are far more than high-tech toys.

    Further information at www.liffe.si and www.itak.si!

    Information throughout the Festival: