Vlado Škafar's Debut Dad premieres at Venice Film Festival

By Matevz Rudolf

Vlado Škafar's first feature film Dad is one of the seven films picked from more than 200 entries for this year's International Film Critics' Week (www.sicvenezia.it) held as part of the Venice Film Festival 2010. Škafar is one of the founders of Slovenian Cinémathèque and was its programme department director from 1994 to 1999. He has previously made full length-documentary films including Letter to a Child (2008) and Peterka: Year of Decision (2003).

Škafar, who wrote the lyrical and touching script, said, Tthe film is about a father and son in his early teenage years who spend one Sunday in the middle of untamed nature. They haven't had many contacts in life, and even those few ones were not nice. In nature, where time runs in all directions, they fall in love. But Monday is a new day ..."

Dad is a low budget film (€650,000) with two non-professional actors who went through six months of rehearsals with the director. The production company is Gustav Film (www.gustavfilm.si); the producer is Frenk Celarc. There are eleven minor co-producers, including the production company 100 and the Municipality of Dobrovnik, where the film was shot.

Venice Critics' Week's selectors wrote that Dad is "a film of suggestive images, evocative sounds, lyrical connections and secret intermittences of the heart whose symbolic value elaborates a story that has not been made by strictly consequential events." They added that the films's spirituality is worthy of the masterpieces by Tarkovsky and Sokurov.

Production Credits:
Production Company: Gustav Film (www.gustavfilm.si)
Co-production Company: 100 (www.100doo.si), Propeler film - Zagreb (www.propelerfilm.com), Grip film (www.grip-film.hr), Municipality Dobrovnik (www.dobrovnik.si)
Co-funding: Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si)

Director: Vlado Škafar
Screenwriter: Vlado Škafar
Producer: Frenk Celarc
Co-producer: Milivoj Roš, Petra Vidmar, Julij Zornik, Marjan Jelnikar, Diego Zanco, Peter Gregorčič, Municipality Dobrovnik
Production Manager: Petra Vidmar
Director of Photography: Marko Brdar
Sound: Julij Zornik
Editor: Vlado Škafar, Jurij Moškon
Sound Re-recording: Mixer Julij Zornik
Sound Recordist:Urša Kos
Production design: Zoran Grabarac, Vlado Škafar,Tanja Vuković, Frenk Grdin
Make up: Mirjam Kavčič
Costume Designer Emina Kaliman
Cast: Milivoj Roš and Sandi Šalomon