EFP Producer on the Move: Slovenia's Eva Rohrman

Written by Matevz Rudolf

Through her independent production company Forum Ljubljana, founded in 1994, Eva Rohrman has recently become one of the most productive producers in Slovenia.

With Rohrman as managing director, Forum Ljubljana (www.ljudmila.org/forum), operates as an art and cultural production company, whose primary activity is film, video, documentary, and animation production.

Working in production since 1990, Rohrman and has produced music videos, more than twenty short films, documentaries, and short animation films, as well as multimedia projects, exhibitions and performances, many of them receiving important national and international awards.

Rohrman decided to be film producer because she simply loves film art. "I'm sure that the aim of art, especially film art, is discovering the truth about the world we live in," Rohrman says.

The year 2004 was significant for Rohrman. She produced her first full-length feature film Suburbs (www.predmestje.org) directed by Vinko Möderndorfer. The film premiered in Venice (Venice/days) and was selected for numerous festivals such as Montreal, Karlovy Vary, and Cannes (Tous les Cinemas du Monde). Four years later she produced her second full-length feature film, Landscape No.2 (www.pokrajina-st2.org), with again directing. The film also premiered in Venice (Venice/days) and, through French sales agent Wide Management, was sold to Italy, USA, and Serbia.

Rohrman recently finished Thumbelina, a short 3D animation from young director Boris Dolenc, and is currently developing and pre-producing Möderndorfer's next full-feature film, Inferno, due to begin shooting later this year. Inferno talks about unemployment worker who is fighting for survival with his young family. Rorman described her new film, about an unemployed young man fighter for the survival of his family, as metaphor for "the road to hell based on a brutal capitalistic system which pitilessly destroys an individual." Rohrman is seeking a European co-producer for the film. "I hope Producers on the Move is very good platform for achieving this goal," she said.

Among Slovenian film producers and critics Rohrman has established a reputation as a professional and successful film producer, with Landscape No.2 praised for "high production standards which are otherwise significant for more developed national cinematography."

Rohrman wishes the Slovenian film industry will become more productive in future. She thinks there should be at least 7 Slovenian full-length movies and 3 coproductions co-founded by Slovenian Film Fund each year. "I also hope that we will (with legalization of obligatory quota of European films in Slovenian cinemas and introduction of film studies in schools) be able to attract viewers that use to watch Slovenian films and gain new ones as well."

Contact information:

Eva Rohrman


Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel: +386 1 4314 254

Mobile: +386 41 320 217

Fax: +386 1 4338 074

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eva Rohrman's filmography:

Thumbelina (2009) - short 3D animation film

Landscape No.2 (2008) - full-length feature film

Suburbs (2004) - full-length feature film

Bright Future (2003) - short animation, video

Lab Party (2003) - short animation, video

Mosk (202) - short animation, video

Problemarket.com - Problem Stock Exchange (2002) - short documentary

Problemarket.com - Problem Stock Exchange (2001) - multimedia project

Let's ssss Go (2001) - short animation

Brainscore (2000) - short documentary