Slovenia screens two co-productions at Berlinale


    Two Slovenian co-productions are being screened in the "Panorama" section of the official Berlinale program. One is Love and Other Crimes by the Serbian director Stefan Arsenijević, a Serbian-German-Slovenian co-production with the Slovenian production house Arkadena. The second is the film I'm from Titov Veles by the Macedonian director Teona Mitevska.

    Stefan Arsenijevič began his successful film career by cooperating with Slovenian filmmakers. In 2003 his Slovenian short film Atorsion received the Golden Bear for Best Short Film in Berlin and was nominated for an Academy Award. Both Atorsion and Arsenijević's first feature-length film Love and Other Crimes were filmed in cooperation with Arkadena and with the financial support of the Slovenian Film Fund.

    Slovenian creative input was provided by DOP Simon Tanšek, who worked on major Slovenian films such as Idle Running (1999), Ruins (2004) and Gravehopping (2005).

    The film I'm from Titov Veles is a Macedonian-Belgian-Slovenian-French co-production with Slovenia represented by the production house Vertigo/Emotion Film. Costumes designer Monika Lorber, makeup designer Mojca Gorogranc and actor Peter Musevski also worked on the film, which received financing from the Slovenian Film Fund.


    At the European Film Market, Slovenian film will be presented for the third year via a joint venue together with Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians and Poles under the common trademark CEC - Central European Cinema.

    The Slovenian films being screened at the Market are the smash hit Rooster's Breakfast, the debut of director Marko Naberšnikl; Installation of Love, the second feature film of Maja Weiss, and Landscape No. 2, the second feature film of Vinko Möderndorfer which is scheduled for an autumn premiere.