Slovenian Film Center Will Launch in January 2011

By Matevz Rudolf

    The Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si), the public fund founded in 1994, will be replaced by the Slovenian Film Center (SFC), a public agency, as of January 2011. The Slovenian government aims to establish a modern, transparent and efficient agency whose primary task will be to support the development and production of Slovenian film.

    The biggest change will be a new financing and grants system. The grants will be not greater than 50% of the budget for most films, except for youth and low-budget films where support can be as much as 80% of the production budget. SFC will not participate in film production as an investor (as in the past), but with a system of grants. The agency will no longer be a co-producer, which means it also will not share in any film profits.

    Most Slovenian producers and directors are skeptical about the new institution, especially because it is unknown if there will be more funds available for Slovenian films. In the past, 5 million Euros were accessible every year for Slovenian film production, which is the same amount that goes to the national theatre in Ljubljana. Marko Naberšnik, the director of film hit Rooster's Breakfast (2007), warns that without higher funds there won't be magical result.

    The Slovenian Film Center will appoint a general manager and then as soon as possible announce the first application for funds.