Gdynia Polish Film Festival

    Musicals at the seaside
    Golden sand, sea waves and stars in the sky will create a wonderful atmosphere for
    an open air film scene “Film by the Sea”, organised already for the third time by A
    KuKu Art Association. This year’s theme is “Musicals” and at the opening night the
    band from Wroclaw Małe Instrumenty (Little Instruments) will play their first concert in
    Gdynia. The programme will include Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tommy, Alice and
    Hair. The films will be screened at the beach in Gdynia between 16 and 19
    Gdynia for Children for the fifth time
    Gdynia for Children, a cycle of screenings and meetings with the artists addressed
    for the youngest audience, has become one of indispensable elements of Polish Film
    Festival in Gdynia. This year it celebrates its fifth anniversary. Grand opening with a
    birthday cake will take place on 15 September at 8.30 am in Silver Screen in Gdynia
    with a film “Peter and the Wolf”. An amazing film which closes the screenings is “Trip
    for One Smile” presented with audio description (allowing the blind children to come
    to the film). Another cycle “The figures of young audience artists” will be continued,
    with a special guest: Stanisław Jędryka. A new cycle “We meet with film professions”
    will begin this year. Places of screenings: Silver Screen Gdynia, Wejherowskie
    Centrum Kultury (Culture Centre in Wejherowo), Multikino in Gdańsk, cinema
    Światowid in Elbląg. Time: 15 – 20 September 2008
    To Laboratory with a scenario
    Scenarios’ Laboratory organised by Polish Filmmakers Association has been
    organised since 2005. It is a cycle of a few-months workshops for screenwriters.
    Such workshops also take place in Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. Young artists
    present their ideas for a film and then, led by professional directors and
    screenwriters, write the scenario. The workshops will include:
    - training on pitching techniques by Claire Dixsaut, 16 and 17 September
    - pitching with participation of the main Polish producers, 18 and 19 September
    Pola Negri. A Cinema Legend
    For the first time ever the authors were able to enhance their exhibition with
    extremely valuable materials connected with Pola Negri. The exhibition depicts the
    story of the life and artistic development of an outstanding, international film star, it
    familiarizes the visitors with this once extremely popular actress who began her
    career in the age of silent cinema, successfully continued it after the advent of talking
    pictures, and managed to conquer America. Today, however, she remains unknown
    to many contemporary viewers, particularly the younger ones.
    The visitors will see a unique collection of postcards, photos, film programs and
    music recordings. Original mementos of the film star will be presented, including her
    costume from the last film “The Moon-Spinners”. An impressive collection of posters
    with Pola Negri is also worth seeing.
    Between 15 September and 12 October take exhibition will be presented in the
    Museum of the City of Gdynia as an accompanying event of Polish Film Festival in
    Gdynia. The exhibition was prepared by Museum of Cinematography in Łódź. The
    authors are Krystyna Zamysłowska and Piotr Kulesza.
    Maestro Fellini on the Festival in Gdynia
    The large majority of cinema-goers associate Federico Fellini solely with the world of
    cinema, while they extremely seldom think of him as of a crayon-and-pencil virtuoso
    – an excellent and expressive graphic artist and cartoonist. A few people know the
    fact that he used to draw the scenes instead of making notes about them. He also
    drew his images of characters in films.
    Such sphere of Fellini’s personality will be presented at a special exhibition on 33rd
    Polish Film Festival in Gdynia
    The exhibition shows Fellini as an unlimited and multimedia artist who makes use of
    various techniques in his work.
    The exhibits displayed at the Maestro Fellini exhibition come from an exceptionally
    comprehensive collection of the Switzerland-based Fondation Fellini pour le Cinéma
    in Sion. Especially for the occasion, 300 most interesting exhibits were selected.
    They will be presented in the Museum of the City of Gdynia between 15 September
    and 12 October.
    The Pomeranian Film Foundation in Gdynia
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