Sander Joon starts production with the rally-themed short animation Sierra

    Parents often push their children to follow their steps. In this case, the father's obsession with the rally turns the kid into a car tire. Loosely inspired by the director's childhood, Sierra pulls us into the surreal car racing world.

    “The idea for the film started to take shape when I rediscovered a 16mm rally-themed puppet film my father had animated in the 70s. I find the rally visually compelling, so I decided to blend two worlds: the surreal world of rally and a personal story. Just in Sierra, I'm taking the protagonist's father's obsession with the rally to the extreme,” explains the director and screenwriter, Sander Joon.

    Sander Joon has previously directed three films: Velodrool (2015), Moulinet (2017), and Sounds Good (2018), which travelled to festivals such as Annecy, DOK Leipzig, Ottawa, Go Short, Stuttgart, Fredrikstad, Kaboom, Supertoon, Animateka and GLAS. Besides films, he has animated a music video for Tommy Cash, participated in a popular commercial for Rick and Morty and has been a VJ to numerous events. Sander also worked as a 2D artist for the multi-awarded film The Old Man Movie (2019).

    The producers of Sierra are Aurelia Aasa (AAA Creative) and Erik Heinsalu (BOP!). Erik Heinsalu is one of the producers of critically acclaimed full-length puppet The Old Man Movie (2019), which received over 85 000 cinema admissions back in Estonia making it one of the most successful domestic animated films of all times.

    Heinsalu sees that despite Sierra being a short animation, it could still catch many viewers due to its fast-paced tonality. “Rally is a popular topic. We aim to break down the ordinary structures of rally and look at the scene through a friendly irony,” explains producer Aurelia Aasa.

    Sierra’s composer is internationally acclaimed Misha Panfilov, sound designer is award-winning Matis Rei. Sierra will wrap production in the second half of 2021.

    Film’s development is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the Estonian Film Institute. Film's production is supported by the Estonian Film Institute.

    Last modified on 16-01-2021