dok.incubator submission deadline - meet us January 7th


    for 20 days of editing /marketing /distribution
    tailored made for your documentary
    in the rough cut stage

    dok.incubator workshop 2021 DEADLINE:
    January 27th

    (early bird deadline with no application fee: January 15th)

    Find more info here or meet us and ask our participant Francesco Montagner and his editing tutor Audrey Maurion about their experiences:

    this Thursday, January 7th at 3 p.m. on the Zoom

    register here

    Audrey Maurion
    Director & Editor / Tutor

    Audrey has been working as a freelance editor for feature and documentary films since 1995. She currently worked as co-writer and editor on a documentary mini-series for Arte and PBS about the Tiananmen massacre. In recent years Audrey has been editing consultant for various documentaries in South Africa.

    Francesco Montagner
    Director / Participant 2020
    with the film “Brotherhood”

    “Truly an enriching experience as a documentary maker. Filled with challenges and huge rewards. Undoubtedly it changed my view on the endless possibilities of the editing phase and film promotion.“

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