The conference Let's Be Series, vol.2 | 22-23 june 2021

    Let’s Be Series, vol 2. is a two-day international event organized by Creative Europe Desk Poland in  partnership with the Polish Producers Alliance (KIPA), dedicated to the topic of new trends in the  production and distribution of European feature series. 

    The event will be held online on 22-23 June 2021.

    The dominance of the OTT services in the series market, new commissioning and distribution practices  and the widening gap between audiences of linear broadcasters and streaming platforms, have caused  significant changes in both production and consumption of TV series. During Let’s Be Series, vol. 2 conference we will discuss all those changes and look closer on what a successful collaboration  between producers and TV and digital broadcasters looks like, what are the advantages and challenges  of producing with and for streaming platforms and how to create and distribute a high quality series. 

    The event will consist of presentations, case-studies and panel discussions dedicated to the European  series. Invited experts will analyse the market, present available training opportunities and industry  events aimed at professionals in the field and talk about the funding opportunities offered by the  Creative Europe program and the European Commission. Experienced producers and filmmakers will  share their knowledge and a know-how on producing and promoting the series projects. 

    Let's Be Series vol. 2 is a second instalment of the event dedicated to trends and tendencies in the TV  series market, which was held in 2016. 

    The conference will be held in English and Polish. A simultaneous translation will be provided. Participation in the event is free of charge. 

    Registration form available at: https://bit.ly/LetsBeSeries2 

    The registration is open until June 21st, 2021 (Monday) until 4 PM (CET).

    Join form: https://bit.ly/LetsBeSeries2

    Facebook event: http://bit.ly/LBS2_fb

    Instagram: http://bit.ly/LBS2_insta


    DAY 1 – Tuesday, June 22nd

    14:00-14:15 Opening of the conference 

    Małgorzata Kiełkiewicz, Creative Europe Desk Poland

    14:15-14:40 MEDIA and the EU support for series producers 

    Magdalena Dźbik, European Commission

    14:40-15:30 Trends and numbers – market analysis 

    Rémi Tereszkiewicz, BetaSeries

    15:30-16:10 „The Woods” – case study 

    Andrzej Muszyński, ATM Group SA

    Industry events dedicated to series creators 


    Leticia Godinho Figueiredo, Series Mania Forum 


    Marie Barraco, Série Serie

    17:00 Closing of the first day

    DAY 2 – Wednesday, June 23rd

    11:00 Opening of the second day

    11:05-12:15 Discussion panel: Local content on global markets – how to collaborate  with international players? 

    Anna Nagler, Netflix 

    Izabela Łoupch, HBO Poland 

    Jan Kwieciński, Akson Studio 

    Moderator: Marta Bałaga

    12:20-13:30 Discussion panel: From a European perspective – how to reach a wide  audience with a European series? 

    Karin Annell, Wildside (“My Brilliant Friend”) 

    Sophie von Uslar, Constantin Television (“We Children from Banhof Zoo”) 

    Stefan Baron, YellowBird (“Snow Angels”) 

    Moritz Polter (“Freud”) 

    Moderator: Marta Bałaga

    13:40-14:50 Discussion panel: On the local market – the Polish series sector.  TBA 

    Moderator: Alicja Grawon-Jaksik

    15:00 Closing of the conference

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