Czech Film Fund supported development of fiction features and documentaries

    In June, the Czech Film Fund granted the support for development of fiction features and for development of documentary films for the second time this year. In fiction category, the Council divided altogether EUR 346 000 (CZK 9 million) among 12 projects by talented young guns as well as experienced authors and supported mainly coming-of-age stories and family dramas. In case of documentary films, the Fund supported 9 projects with EUR 172 000 (CZK 4,5 million), mostly focused on current topics, portraits and Czechoslovak history.


    The highest amount in this call went to Recordwoman, which tells a story of talented athlete in 1930s Czechoslovakia who fights not only her sport opponents but also the confusion about her gender identity, based on true events.

    production company: nutprodukce | director: Martin Krejčí
    support: EUR 38 000

    production company: MasterFilm | directors: Tomáš Pavlíček, Kateřina Karhánková
    support: EUR 37 000

    Alice and the Black Queen
    production company: 8Heads Productions | director: Marina Andree Škop
    support: EUR 34 000

    Nightingale Behind the Bars
    production company: Balkanfilm | director: Ivo Trajkov
    support: EUR 34 000

    production company: love.FRAME | director: Beata Parkanová
    support: EUR 33 000

    The Thief
    production company: nutprodukce | director: Ondřej Hudeček
    support: EUR 33 000

    The Orgon Project
    production company: Negativ | director: Martin Dušek
    support: EUR 31 000

    Chica Checa
    production company: Silk Films | director: Šimon Holý
    support: EUR 27 000

    On the Other Side of Summer
    production company: Aerofilms | director: Vojtěch Strakatý
    support: EUR 24 000

    Pig Slaughter
    production company: Breathless Films | director: Adam Martinec
    support: EUR 19 000

    Invisible Loss
    production company: Sirius Films Manual | director: Martin Pavol Repka
    support: EUR 18 000

    The Theory of Strangeness
    production company: FILM KOLEKTIV | director: Tereza Kopáčová
    support: EUR 18 000



    The highest support in this call was granted to To Sun and Horizon. This formally ambitious film combining documentary and animation reflects private and public history of Czechoslovakia in 1930s and it is based on the travel diary of the director's grandfather.

    To Sun and Horizon
    production company: Punk Film | director: Jana Počtová
    support: EUR 35 000

    Model M
    production company: Negativ | director: Erika Hníková
    support: EUR 19 000

    The Double Life o Zmijovka
    production company: D1film | director: Violette Deffontaines
    support: EUR 19 000

    Through the Eyes of a 100-year-old Child
    production company: CINEPOINT | director: Bára Jíchová Tyson
    support: EUR 19 000

    Citizen's Assembly
    production company: Duracfilm | director: Andrea Culková
    support: EUR 18 000

    production company: Cineart TV Prague | director: Dušan Trančík
    support: EUR 17 000

    Being a Poet
    production company: K2 | director: Pavel Štingl
    support: EUR 15 000

    If Only It Wasn't So Dark Around Here
    production company: CINEPOINT | director: Petr Záruba
    support: EUR 15 000

    Nikola Mucha
    production company: Analog Vision | director: Markéta Sehnalová
    support: EUR 15 000


    Czech Film Center operates as a division of the Czech Film Fund.

    Last modified on 01-07-2021