34 short films in the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2021 competition

    pretty UGLY pretty UGLY

    BIDFF- Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2021 is announcing the 7th edition competitions: 28 short films in the international competition and 6 Romanian titles in the national competition, picked from over 400 short films submitted.

    The festival will take place between 1-5 September 2021, under the theme Potential Worlds.

    Nature and industrialization collide head-on in the international competitive section of BIDFF. Directors and choreographers from 20 countries present cinematic experiments, audio-visual meditations, futuristic worlds, performative rituals and musical avatars in virtual cities, in a fusion of cultures and styles, in which man redefines his identity in relation to the world he belongs to.

    The short films selected by BIDFF in 2021 are:

    • „Beyond” (d & c: Simone Wierød, PL/TW/HK/TH/DK)
    • „They Saw the Sun First” (d: Stefan Hunt, c: Vanessa Marian, AUS)
    • „Scapelands” (d: Katie Beard și Naomi Turner, c: Liv Lockwood, UK)
    • „Human Habitat” (d & c: Flavia Devonas Hoffmann, NO)
    • „Memories of the Future” (d & c: Dance collective Arnhemse Meisjes, NL)
    • „Moving Barcelona” (d: Jevan Chowdhury, c: Alexander Eckman, UK)
    • „The Soft Bit” (d: Jana Irmert, DE)
    • „Through Glass” (d: Marek Partyš, c: Sylva Šafková, CZ)
    • „Utro” (d: Polina Mirovskaya, c: Jeroen Janssen, Polina Mirovskaya, NE)
    • „Toke” (d: NONO, c: Stuart Shugg, UK)
    • „Salidas” (d: Michael Fetter Nathansky, c: Christiane ‘La Mona’, DE)
    • „Weakness of the Flesh” (d: Kevin McGloughlin, Jacob Jonas, c: Jacob Jonas, USA)
    • „Dive” (d: Oscar Sansom, c: Sophie Laplane, UK)
    • „Fibonacci” (d: Tomáš Hubáček, c: Marie Gourdain, CZ)
    • „Still Life - Tabeo” (d: Ryan Renshaw, c: Jack Lister, AUS)
    • „All, or Nothing at all” (d: Margit Lukács și Persijn Broersen, c: Prakesh Baksii, DK/NL)
    • „D3C05” (d: Blaze Gonzalez, Hannah Gaengler, c: Liony Garcia, USA)
    • „Beast” (d: Benjamin Nicolas, CAN)
    • „Insomnia: Violent Nights” (d: Emilia Izquierdo, UK)
    • „Color Me” (d: Martin de Thurah, DK)
    • „Your Coffee, Please” (d: Irina Kononova, RU)
    • „Ghosts and All” (d & c: Ayano Yokoyama, JP)
    • „Ulrichs 1867” (d & c: Sven Niemeyer, DE)
    • „Voguing with Beethoven” (d: Emilie Norenberg, c: Emma Damskau, NO)
    • „Belia” (d & c: Eman Hussein, EG)
    • „The Circadian Cycle” (d: Garry Stewart, c: Garry Stewart și dansatorii Australian Dance Theatre, AUS)
    • „The Kitchen” (d & c: Vishwakiran Nambi, IN)
    • „Shelly Belly inna Real Life” (d & c: Cecilia Bengolea, FR/AR) 

    The Romanian competition includes six titles, created or co-created by Romanian directors and choreographers. The relationship with nature, ways of reacting to chaos, collaborative processes involving dance, music, poetry and cinema, exploring the collective body and critique of contemporary media visions of a perfect body are themes and topics that concern young local dance filmmakers. How can we rethink our journey through life? - is one of the questions raised by this short and intense selection, which includes the following headings:

    • „Breath” (d: Cătălin Rugină și Maria-Luiza Dimulescu, c: Maria-Luiza Dimulescu)
    • „Public Figure” (d: Mădălina Zaharia, c: Daniel Hay-Gordon)
    • „Calcar” (d & c: Georgeta Corca)
    • „Pretty UGLY” (d & c: Corina Andrian)
    • „Almost” (d: Tobin Del Cuore, c: Ana Maria Lucaciu & Răzvan Stoian)
    • „Ship of Fools” (d: Gabriel Durlan, c: Alexandra Bălășoiu, Virginia Negru, Denis Bolborea & Cătălin Diaconu)

    Marlene Millar, one of the most famous dance film creators in Canada, along with Saddo, Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist and Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, Romanian film and theater director are the members of the Jury.

    BIDFF awards excellence, novelty and courage in filmmaking with a prize pool of 1500 euros for the Best International Film and the Best Romanian Film.