EU Filmmakers prioritize stronger collective representation in changing industry at FERA General Assembly 2021

    Due to the degrading health situation in Europe, the Federation of European Screen Directors (FERA) moved its annual conference online & postponed its in-person gathering in Frankfurt to May 11-13, 2022. Over 50 representatives of members from 26 countries gathered online on December 1st for the General Assembly meeting, to discuss, debate and make recommendations on future FERA actions.

    It is now a well-known fact that the rise of global streamers in production and distribution, accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, presents an existential challenge for the filmmakers’ community and the European industry at large. Members agreed that the only way forward in this context is to increase and develop new ways of collaboration within the FERA network, to structure and scale up the directors’ collective representation across Europe.

    As stated by Costa Gavras opening the first of two panel discussions part of FERA’s annual conference programme, a filmmaker’s singular identity is intrinsically linked to what a film can convey as an artwork, and not as a product. “A film is probably one of the only ways in our society to show the invisible – and also ourselves sometimes”, which is why it is essential that every country has its own film sector ecosystem – and it cannot happen without public intervention, both at national and European level.

    FERA Members rallied around the idea that a balance must be struck between creators making a decent living – particularly in the growing entertainment section of the European audiovisual sector, while its independent, artistically-driven sector must keep on flourishing across the continent as a matter of cultural and artistic diversity.

    European directors are committed to fight for the highest quality possible in the production of audiovisual works in Europe across the board, from entertainment to the expression of unique voices in filmmaking, to ensure that their works continue to meet audiences over time.

    In addition to its membership gathering, two panels hosted online by LICHTER FilmFest International Frankfurt gathered distinguished guests on December 1st and 2nd to discuss perspectives for the future of European film, and whether a “new deal” is possible for audiovisual authors’ rights in Europe in light of recent industry evolutions – both are available for catch up via the links below.


    Panel discussion with Costa Gavras, Filmmaker, Rebecca O’Brien, Film producer & European Film Academy Deputy Chairwoman, Lucia Recalde, European Commission DG Connect, Deputy Director and Head of Unit “Audiovisual Industry and Media Support Programmes”, and Edith Sepp, Estonian Film Institute CEO and EFAD Vice-President

    Moderated by FERA Chairman Klemen Dvornik and FERA CEO Pauline Durand-Vialle



    Panel discussion with Cécile Despringre, SAA Executive Director, Marc du Moulin, ECSA Secretary General, David Kavanagh, FSE Executive Director, Ada Solomon, Producer & European Film Academy Deputy Chairwoman

    Moderated by FERA Chairman Klemen Dvornik and FERA CEO Pauline Durand-Vialle


    Access and download the FERA GA Statement 2021 here.

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