Adaptive Storytelling │ ARC UNATC Bucharest

    Dear all,

    We are happy and proud to report that after 4 days of conference, 7 keynote speakers, 9 panel speakers, 31 conference speakers, 7 countries, 8 universities and countless ideas, ARC UNATC 2021 - Adaptive Storytelling has come to a great finish.  We’re still buzzing with the energy of all the people interacting and ideas shared.

    Thank you so much to our speakers around the world for their great lectures and energy!

    We would like to thank our managerial team from UNATC and the Research Department for their involvement and constant support, our colleagues and collaborators for dedication and professionalism and last, but surely not least our hearty volunteers. All of them made this 4-day marathon, for nothing is possible without a team.

    We hope to see you all next year under more auspicious times, in Bucharest!

    The contents of the four days of conference is still available on our YouTube Channel.


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    Last modified on 08-12-2021