78 Local Crew Part of American Film Shot Entirely in Malta

    Not Without Hope - film set visit Not Without Hope - film set visit credit: Malta Film Commission

    A total of 78 local crew members were part of the team shooting an American feature film titled 'Not Without Hope'.

    The film, starring Zachary Levi, Jessica Blackmore, James Martin Kelly, and Leeshon Alexander, was filmed entirely in Malta. The script was adapted from the best-selling novel by Nick Schuyler and Jere Longman.

    Maltese post-production artists will also contribute to the film's post-production work.

    During a set visit to the production, Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech stated: "The film industry is having a huge impact on the Maltese economy. More local crew members are working in the film industry. We aim to continue upskilling our people and deliver world-class quality and value for money from start to end. We are committed to investing heavily in the education of our children to ensure that they have a better future in film.”

    The film tells the gripping story of a group of friends stranded at sea after their fishing boat capsizes off the coast of Mexico.

    Michael Jefferson, Kia Jam, Adam Beasley, and Rick French are serving as producers on this film, which is being directed by Joe Carnahan.

    Local Service Provider FPSM Ltd. is also contributing its expertise to the project.