Malta welcomes ‘Last Breath’: A high-profile production set to amaze audiences

    "Last Breath," a riveting British production, is currently underway in Malta. This true story about an accident in the North Sea at the bottom of an oil rig is being directed by Alex Parkinson and features a high-profile cast that includes Simu Liu, Finn Cole, and Woody Harrelson.

    The project is a collaboration between Company Directors Daniel Louis Clifton and Paul Towers Brooks, who are also serving as Producers alongside David Towers Brooks.
    Principal photography is set to occur between the 29th of May and the 17th of July, 2023, while post-production will be carried out abroad. It's noteworthy that an impressive 90% of the movie will be shot here in Malta, utilizing various beautiful locations across the country.
    The film comes with a substantial budget of €22,882,824, with Malta's specific budget amounting to €13,371,765. A talented team of 121 professionals, including 91 local and 30 international crew members, is working diligently to bring this film to fruition. Local Service Provider Paul Parker, of Paul Parker Films Ltd, is also contributing his expertise to this project.
    Recently, Malta's film commissioner, Mr. Grech, had the opportunity to visit the set of "The Last Breath" at the Mediterranean Film Studios. During his visit, Mr. Grech was able to meet with the cast and crew, commenting, "Our film industry is creating more jobs everyday.  The synergy between our local crew and the international actors and production team is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Malta's film industry."
    Stuart Le Marechal, one of the film's producers, praised Malta as a filming location, especially noting the usefulness of the water tank for this production. He commented, "Malta is a great location, particularly the water tank, which was key for this production. It's inspiring to see Maltese, UK, and German crew members all working towards one vision. I would choose Malta again for future productions. The facilities and weather are excellent."
    Producer Paul Brooks, expressed his satisfaction with the facilities and support provided by the Malta Film Commission. He said, "The facilities are fantastic. The tax credit scheme and the water tanks were two main reasons we chose Malta. I will be shooting another movie here because Malta can double for any other European country. The Malta film commission has been fantastic and is truly filmmaker-friendly. We need more crews because more films will be coming here. We need more students graduating from film schools. It's also a plus that it's a small island, making moving from one location to another easy.
    This visit highlights the Malta Film Commission's continued commitment to supporting and fostering the growth of the film industry, both locally and on an international scale. We eagerly anticipate the final product of this collaboration and are confident that "The Last Breath" will be a standout feature in the 2023 cinematic landscape.
    Last modified on 11-06-2023