“Brothers From Malta” - Director Julian Galea’s Hilarious and Heartfelt Take on the Maltese Immigrant Experience”

    Brothers from Malta by Julian Galea Brothers from Malta by Julian Galea credit: GALEAPICTURES

    (Malta, June 13, 2023) - Maltese-Australian filmmaker Julian Galea has ventured into uncharted territory with his latest independent comedy feature film, "Brothers From Malta." Available now on Galea Pictures TV, the film marks the first-ever portrayal of Maltese immigrants on the screen.

    Galea's innovative approach in "Brothers From Malta" dares to push the boundaries, offering audiences a fresh and authentic perspective on the immigrant experience. By placing Maltese immigrants at the wheel, the film promises to give voice to a previously underrepresented group, fostering a greater sense of inclusion and diversity within the film industry.Through comedy, it skillfully uncovers the complexities of cultural identity, the challenges of assimilation, and the joys of bridging the gap between two worlds.

    Written, directed, produced and starring Julian Galea alongside his real-life brother James Galea, the duo brings to life the unforgettable Maltese brothers Joe and Charlie, as they embark on a wild road trip across California.

    In "Brothers From Malta," Joe and Charlie find themselves thrust into an unexpected adventure when they are forced to break their seven-year silence to rescue their dying sister. With no choice but to hit the road, they must traverse the picturesque landscapes of California, accompanied by a flatulent canine and a precious family heirloom. The hilarity that ensues as they navigate their way through one comedic mishap after another will leave audiences in stitches.

    Brothers from Malta by Julian Galea, credit: GALEAPICTURES"Brothers From Malta" is a testament to the unbreakable bond of family and the lengths one is willing to go to protect and save loved ones. Through the lens of comedy, the film explores themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the power of familial connection. It is a heartwarming reminder of the importance of family ties, even in the face of long-standing feuds and unresolved conflicts.

    Director Julian Galea expresses his passion for shedding light on the Maltese immigrant experience, stating, "As a filmmaker, it's essential to tell stories that have not yet been explored. 'Brothers From Malta' is a celebration of the Maltese people and our unique perspective. We wanted to bring these experiences to the forefront and create a film that not only entertains but also sparks dialogue and understanding of our underrepresented minority."

    "Brothers From Malta" marks Julian Galea's third film centred around Maltese themes, following “Love To Paradise” (2017) and “Made In Malta” (2019) which were both shot in Malta. Drawing from his personal experiences and Maltese heritage, Julian Galea infuses "Brothers From Malta" with heart, authenticity, and a genuine celebration of family connections. Through laughter and chaos, the film offers a heartfelt exploration of the importance of family bonds and how sacred and special these family connections are.

    Director Julian Galea expresses his excitement for the project, stating, "Creating 'Brothers From Malta' has been a deeply personal and rewarding experience. It allowed me to explore the preciousness of family bonds through a hilarious and heartwarming lens. Working alongside my brother James and cousin Liza also has added an extra layer of authenticity to the film, and I am grateful for the incredible cast and crew who have poured their talents into this project. I hope audiences enjoy the wild and emotional journey and have a renewed appreciation for the importance and power of family."

    After considering a number of unfavourable distribution offers, Galea Pictures made the bold decision to self-distribute "Brothers From Malta" in cinemas across Australia, Canada and Malta. The film's unique blend of uproarious humour, heartwarming storytelling, and authentic portrayal of the Maltese immigrant experience resonated with viewers worldwide.

    The film has already garnered significant attention, with many sold-out screenings and rave reviews from audiences. It has connected with viewers across borders and is transcending different cultures as well, much like the iconic film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding” did from the Greek community.

    Now exclusively through Galea Pictures TV, audiences can access "Brothers From Malta" globally from the comfort of their homes. By driving all traffic to this single platform, it not only provides a convenient and accessible platform for viewers but also allows Galea Pictures to establish a direct relationship with its audience while maximising returns.

    While independent films may take time to gain widespread recognition, the potential impact of "Brothers From Malta" should not be underestimated. It paves the way for more diverse stories to be told, challenging traditional cinematic norms and encouraging a richer representation of cultural experiences. Julian Galea's film is an exciting step forward, both for the filmmaker himself and for the broader landscape of independent cinema.

    Last modified on 13-06-2023