Europa Distribution "Film Distribution Innovation Hub" - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2-5 July 2023

    Europa Distribution returns again to Karlovy Vary this July for this edition of their “Film Distribution Innovation Hub” in the scope of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. 30 independent distributors, coming from all over Europe and beyond, will participate in the “Film Distribution Innovation Hub” as well taking part in the KVIFF festival activities from 2–5 July.

    As part of the development of their partnership with KVIFF, Europa Distribution launched last year the Film Distribution Innovation Hub at Karlovy Vary to create a dedicated space for distributors to discuss the innovation needed to support the promotion and release of their films. On Tuesday 4 July, Europa Distribution members will take part in a closed workshop to consider the most efficient and effective path to answer distributors’ needs when it comes to digital marketing, data analytics, rights management, as well as other aspects of distribution and publishing. Distributors will be split into working groups to discuss the innovation they need, covering three main areas; context, current options and future design. Distributors will also have the opportunity to share best practices and examples of tools they are already using.
    Later in the day distributors will share their conclusions, ideas and next steps with the rest of the participants to wrap up discussions. These conclusions will then be presented at an open panel, entitled ‘The Missing: The Innovations Innovators Need’, by distributors: Daan Vermeulen (Cinema Delicatessen, the Netherlands), Gianluca Buttari (Teadora Film, Italy) and Samantha Faccio (Tucker Film, Italy) in the hope of bringing about more innovation in the film ecosystem. The panel and workshop will be moderated by Michael Gubbins (SampoMedia, UK).
    Europa Distribution will organise many more networking events for distributors and other film professionals in 2023, and discuss the unique challenges of promoting and publishing European independent films. The network will gather again at New Nordic Films in Haugesund on 22-25 August, at the Venice Production Bridge on 1-6 September, at San Sebastian International Film Festival on 24-28 September and at IDFA in Amsterdam on 12-14 November. Europa Distribution has also launched the most recent editions of their EDMentorShe Programme and their Distributors on the Move Programme. Articles on all our events are published on Europa Distribution’s socials and blog: http://www.europa-distribution.org/blog/