Docu Rough Cut Boutique announces projects selected for 2024 edition

    Docu Rough Cut Boutique reveals its new slate of projects, marking the 14th edition of the programme.

    Docu Rough Cut Boutique is the leading regional programme for documentaries in post-production coming from Southeast Europe and the Caucuses, famous for its boutique format of only five selected projects. 

    Created by the Sarajevo Film Festival and Balkan Documentary Center, the programme is organized in three working modules: Sofia (March 2024), Cluj (June 2024) and Sarajevo (August 2024). The workshop programme is constructed with editing tutorials, group sessions and individual meetings with renowned documentary experts and professionals. The programme will culminate at the 30th Sarajevo Film Festival where five projects will be presented to the CineLink Industry Days decision makers (funders, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters, and festival programmers) with the aim of assisting their completion and enhancing their distribution and festival presentation possibilities. The programme is funded by Creative Europe MEDIA and Bulgarian National Film Center.

    Statement from directors of Docu Rough Cut Boutique – Rada Sesic and Martichka Bozhilova: "This year’s submission showed us that new talent is emerging in our regional documentary scene. Interestingly, many applications arrived from Ukraine, submitted by committed filmmakers who sharply observe the harsh reality around them. 

    In most applications it was beautiful to observe the maturity and thoughtfulness of the projects and the singular creative views of the authors. We thank all of them for considering Docu Rough Cut Boutique as the place they want to be. But like last year, we only have five openings. We want to salute the upcoming talents with their first or second projects, as well as the experienced makers who dare to challenge out-of-the-box cinematic thinking while tackling with topics that matter to all of us. After difficult selection, we are proud to say that the final five are apparent labour of love in which authors invested many years of meticulous work. 

    During our three sessions (Sofia, Cluj and Sarajevo) within six months, we offer hands-on, tailor-made mentoring process and carefully prepared presentation during the Cine Link Industry Days at the Sarajevo Film Festival. 

    We wish you all an exciting journey with our boutique cinema and we are looking forward to fruitful discussions, meetings, and presentations in Sofia, Cluj, and Sarajevo." 

    The selected projects are:


    Director: Raisa Răzmeriță

    Producer: Ion Gnatiuc

    Editor: Alexandru Popescu

    Production Company: HaiDOC Productions (Republic of Moldova)

    Co-producer: Anamaria Antoci, Anda Ionescu - Tangaj Production (Romania)

    Country: Republic of Moldova, Romania 


    Directors: Tamar Kalandadze, Julien Pebrel

    Producer: Keto Kipiani

    Editor: Eka Tsotsoria

    Production Company: Sakdoc Film, Georgia

    Co-producer: Jean - Baptiste Bonnet (Habilis Productions, France)

    Country: Georgia, France 


    Director: Steve Krikris

    Producer: Paul Typlados, Dafni Kalafati, Steve Kriris

    Editor: Marios Kleftakis

    Production Company: Filmiki S.A

    Co-producer: Unafilm- Titus Kreyenberg (Germany)

    Country: Greece 


    Director: Kristina Nikolova

    Producer: Kristina Nikolova

    Editors: Anastas Petkov, Nina Altaparmakova

    Production Company: Lunaclipse media

    Country: Bulgaria 


    Director: Dmytro Hreshko

    Producers: Polina Herman, Glib Lukianets

    Executive Producer: Tasia Puhach

    Editor: Dmytro Hreshko

    Production Company: Gogol Film, UP UA Studio

    Country: Ukraine, Poland