On 20th December 2008, Kino Polska Television - the first and so far the only television channel broadcasting only Polish films - will celebrate its fifth birthday. Since the beginning of its existence, the station, following the principle that people praise what's foreign (i.e. foreign cinema), because they don't know their own, serves its mission aimed at making viewers more familiar with the achievements of the Polish cinematography.

    For 5 years, Kino Polska Television has been showing the variety and richness of the domestic cinema, presenting all types of films - feature films, documentaries and cartoons.

    Kino Polska Television has been awarded many prizes for its achievements: Hot Bird TV Award 2005, award of the Polish Film Institute 2007, the NIPTEL 2008 award, and the prize at the "Happy End" 2008 Film Festival.

    The station continues to widen the scope of its activity: it used a ceremony of showing the remake of Pociąg [Train] by Jerzy Kawalerowicz to inaugurate an action of digital reconstruction of the Polish film classics. A similar operation will be applied to, for instance, Matka Joanna od Aniołów [Mother Joanna of the Angels], Austeria and Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie [The Manuscript Found in Saragossa].

    The Kino Polska television continues its policy mission on the DVD market through its Publishing titled Telewizja Kino Polska DVD Publishing. The Publishing's two first propositions in the series "The masterpieces of the Polish Cinema" are already available in stores. These are the films directed by Agnieszka Holland and Jerzy Skolimowski. The Kino Polska television Publishing's works on subsequent series titled "Hits of the Polish Cinema" and "Avangarde/Off".

    All viewers of Kino Polska Television are invited to join in the celebration of the station's fifth birthday, and we hope that they stay with us for many more such five-year periods.


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