How can animation producers create value and visibility for their shows in the new digital culture?

    > Creating animation with a 3-screen strategy involving TV, web and mobile: case studies (BRB, Cake Entertainment)
    > Digital culture and next generation programmes (Jesse Cleverly, UK)
    > New animation series developed as integrated TV and online interactive shows. Case study: the immense success of "Total Drama Island" (Canada)
    > Revival of the mobile entertainment shows (ZED, European leader)
    > Animation and online games in Augmented Reality (Continental Prod., Spain)
    > Studios specialising in interactive storytelling for the internet and social networks: new concepts from Canada and Europe

    > Top speakers will share their experience:

    - Patrick Crowe, Director of Xenophile Media (CA)
    - Jesse Cleverly, Creative Director at Connective Media (UK)
    - Marc Buhaj, SVP of Original Programming at Walt Disney EMEA
    - Carlos Biern, Executive VP-Co-productions & Distribution at BRB Internacional (ES)
    - Genevieve Dexter, Commercial director at Cake Entertainment (UK)
    - Chelo Loureiro and Carlos Fernández, Continental Producciones (ES)
    - Maria C. Ferreras, Strategic Partners at Google/YouTube
    - Florence Le Borgne-Bachschmidt, Head of TV & Digital Content Business Unit at IDATE (FR)
    - Bertram Gugel, Blogger and Head of Gugelproductions (DE)
    - David Curry, Director at Le Singe Media (UK)
    - Nicolás Amado, Regional Sales Director for Brightcove (ES)
    - and more to confirm on mobile platforms, interactive writing, monetizing brands on digital platforms, etc...

    The full brochure with registration form can be downloaded from http://www.cartoon-media.eu/MASTERS/dig_programme.php

    Deadline for registration: 5 April 2010
    For further info, please contact Yolanda Alonso
    +32 2 242 93 53 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.