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    1. NEW DOCS ADDED TO www.docalliancefilms.com

    The month of May offers 3 SERIES of films by prolific filmmakers:

    Austria Filmmakers Glawogger and Novotny
    Two films by Austrian filmmaker MICHAEL GLAWOGGER. Working Man's Death, which focuses on the extremes to which workers will go to earn a living, is presented this week as the Film of the Week. In his documentary, Megacities, Glawogger visits Bombay, Mexico City, Moscow and New York - the seductive yet repellent monsters. The contradiction insinuates itself into the daily lives of those who populate these megacities! As a tribute to Glawogger's urban explorations, Timo Novotny remixed Megacities in Life in Loops, in a visually opulent essay about life in several global. Life in Loops won the Best Documentary award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2006.

    Jan Sikl's Private Century
    Doc Alliance Films presents Private Century, an 8-part series from one of the Czech Republic's prominent documentary filmmakers, JAN SIKL. The political and social upheavals of twentieth-century Czechoslovakia-war and occupation, the twin specters of Nazism and Communism, the Velvet Revolution-have never been more intimately rendered than in Private Century. Composed entirely of family home movies, still photographs, letters, and diaries dating from the 1920s to the 1960s, the series explores how sweeping historical events transform the private lives of ordinary people, and how small domestic pleasures can crystallize into profound and enduring memories. Films include: King of Velichovky, Daddy and Lili Marlene, Statuary of Granddad Vinda, See You in Denver and One Stroke of Butterfly Wings.

    Iranian Filmmaker Sepideh Farsi
    Doc Alliance Films has acquired a selection of documentaries award-winning director, SEPIDEH FARSI. Harat (2007), which won the Best documentary prize at Festival dei Popoli, follows mother and daughter Sepideh and Darya - a successful young filmmaker and her child who has clear ideas about how to make a film. With only two cameras in tow, they embark on a long journey to meet members of their vast family, from Paris to Tehran and beyond the Afghanistan border. The two additional films by Farsi are Homi D. Setha, Filmmaker (2000), winner of the FIPRESCI Prize and the Traces de Vie prize, and Men of Fire, which is an insight into today's Iran through the eyes of fierce firefighters in Tehran.

    2. UPCOMING FILMS ON www.docalliancefilms.com

    On Thursday, May 20, Doc Alliance Films offers...
    Mushroom (Houba) by Vit Janecek (Czech Republic, 57 min) and
    Prolomit kruh by Linda Jablonská, which can streamed FOR FREE!

    On Monday, May 31, the Film of the Week will be...
    Bye bye Shanghai by Jana Bokova (Czech Republic, 114 min)

    Upcoming June films include 3 student films FOR FREE!
    59_184_84 by Lukas Kokes
    Loosova bedna by Andrea Slovakova
    Ernest Sabata's Tunnel by Andrea Slovakova


    For the first time, from June 3 - 6, 2010, an international meeting will take place in Berlin, Germany, which highlights documentary practices across disciplines. The BERLIN DOCUMENTARY FORUM will demonstrate the increasingly significant role of the documentary in the visual arts, performance, literature and cinema.

    The first edition of the new biannual encounter at Haus der Kulturen der Welt features five days of thematic programmes, conceived by a group of international filmmakers, curators, artists and theoreticians. A key component of the encounter is the critical re-evaluation of historical processes in the light of the contemporary moment. Also at stake is the role that images and strategies of representation, subsumed under the term "documentary", have acquired in present-day politics.

    For more details, please visit:


    You are very welcome to submit your own film online by using our online entry form at http://docalliancefilms.com/section/film-submission

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