InterCity Kino Polska

    Kino Polska Television and PKP InterCity would like to invite to travel across Poland by train with movie carriages where Polish cult comedies will be screened.

    InterCity Kino Polska is the project run by Kino Polska Television and PKP Intercity.
    On 27th of November the first TLK (Low Cost Railway) train with special movie carriages is going to set off. All the passengers will have an opportunity to spend the journey in an unusual way
    - watching specially selected greatest Polish comedies.

    On the screens located in the movie carriages the travellers are going to watch films formerly broadcasted on Kino Polska Television in the series of "The Best Polish Comedies - Stanisław Bareja" and "The Best Polish Comedies - The Wonderful 60's."

    Last modified on 30-11-2010