FNE at Warsaw Kids Film Forum Inspiration Day: Triple Trouble

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    WARSAW: Triple Trouble, a sequel to a Polish hit live action feature for children Double Trouble, was presented at the Pitchings section at Inspiration Day hosted by Warsaw Kids Film Forum, sponsored by FNE and the Central European Initiative (CEI).

    Triple Trouble is another portion of the adventures of Julka and Olek. When Monet's "Beach in Pourville" disappears from the National Museum in Poznań - the children face a task - to find the painting, discover the identity of the thief and save an innocent painter accused of the theft. A harmonious duo begins an investigation, but suddenly a crazy twelve-year-old Felka appears on the horizon and trouble comes with her. The story of jealousy and trust is intertwined with solving a criminal mystery. Triple Trouble is the story of a tested friendship, which can become even stronger.

    The film is in pre-production, directed by Marta Karwowska, produced by Agnieszka Dziedzic trough Koi Studio with a planned budget of 1,075,300 EUR. The film received funding from the Polish Film Institute for project development and production.

    The Warsaw Kids Film Forum was sponsored by FNE and CEI (Central European Initiative). For the full list of all sponsors go to Warsaw Kids Film Forum.

    CEIFormat: Live-action film
    Genre: Family/ Adventure/ Crime
    Country of Production: Poland
    Duration: 80 min
    Target Audience: Children 7-9 Children 10-12
    Production Company: Koi Studio
    Producer: Agnieszka Dziedzic
    Scriptwriter: Marta Karwowska
    Goals at the Warsaw Kids Film Forum: Funding/ Distribution/ Sales Agent/ TV station
    Estimated Budget: 1 075 300 EUR
    Confirmed Financing: 967 770 EUR


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